Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Full-Funding for Public Schools NOW

From Washington's Paramount Duty and Democracy for America:

Please SIGN WA's Paramount Duty's petition to WA legislators: "Stop the delays: Fully fund our schools!"  Please SHARE the petition on Facebook, Twitter, and email, and ASK your friends to sign.  WPD is partnering with Democracy for America on the petition.  

We need as many people as possible in WA to sign this petition right now, so legislators know that we won't let them delay any longer in meeting their constitutional, Court-ordered obligation to make sure every public school in our state has the funds they need to give all kids a great education!



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Melissa! Please do sign and share the petition to demand that the WA legislature fully fund our schools!

-Summer Stinson
Washington's Paramount Duty
Statewide Organizing Committee Chair

Brian Duncan said...

Yes; I signed it, hard! Please also add comments on HOW legislature should fully fund our schools:

1. cut something/everything else (social services, infrastructure, public safety, etc.), transfer all existing budget to public schools? (Republican plan to extent there is one; no net increase in taxes/state revenue)
2. Print money?
3. Have the Mexican government pay for our schools (Trump plan?)
4. Raise additional revenue by:
a. close tax loopholes
b. raise levy lids
c. capital gains tax
d. carbon tax
e. progressive income tax/sales tax swap with net increase in revenue of a few billion, plus net decrease in overall tax burden for majority of WA taxpayers.

I think option 4.e. is most sustainable, fairest way to solve the problem. Voter education and political momentum to get there must be built up systematically and inexorably, until the political will exists to make it happen.

Brian in Ballard

3inSPS said...

#347 and shared on Facebook. It only takes a second to do so please everyone follow the link and sign the petition. Oh and of course vote for education funding in the fall.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Brian #3 for the win.