Bell Times Update

Update: The other school to get Tier One busing time is Bailey Gatzert.  What McEvoy said:
But she also held out hope that even those schools could get earlier start times within a few years.  "There are scheduling changes coming...that will allow the district to adjust transportation times," she wrote.
From the Yakima Herald:
On Wednesday, Nyland said district officials could only move two elementary schools to keep the start-time changes cost-neutral. Bailey Gatzert and Lafayette were chosen based the number of buses available and the number of students who qualify for free- and reduced-priced lunches.  Of the schools slated to start at 9:35 a.m., Bailey Gatzert has the highest number of low-income students, though there are three other schools with a higher percentage than Lafayette.
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It appears that Lafayette Elementary is one of two schools (out of 11 requests) to get the okay to go back to Tier One times, per a letter from Pegi McEvoy sent to Lafayette. I'll have to ask tomorrow who the other school is.


wsmama3 said…
heard Bailey Gatzert - not confirmed.
Anonymous said…
That's nice. We know nothing about criteria, fiscal details, or impact on schools not chosen.

Ask questions
Anonymous said…
This is terrible. Some communities are being ripped apart because close neighborhood elementary schools that share after school activities have end times that are two hours apart.

TwentyFiveFifty said…
I agree that the bell times are bad in some neighborhoods. Our neighborhood has 3 elementary schools (one of them is an option school) and 2/3 have the same time and the third doesn't. Complete hogwash. Bell times should be done by neighborhood so that somewhere like Magnolia, that has 2 schools that are different tiers to start with, at lest have the same bell schedule.
Anonymous said…
You can see the bell times for all schools (for this and next year) at the following link:

QA Mom
Anonymous said…
I don't think that the link QA mom posted is the most current version. It shows Lowell as Tier 1, and Lowell is definitely (as requested by the school) remaining in Tier 3 next year.

Mom of 4

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