Summer Camp for Kids with Developmental Differences

I heard about Theater of Possibility when I recently attended a Laurelhurst meeting.  They just completed a successful workshop with parents and staff there that was well-received.  Theater of Possibility helps teach social skills through acting and improv.
Theater of Possibility (TOP) teaches acting, improvisation, play-creation and collaboration to kids and teens with autism spectrum and other developmental differences, as well as neuro-typical peers.  TOP will be offering a two week, half day, summer camp for kids, ages 7-13, M-F August 8-19, 3:45-6:45 PM at University Heights Center, 5031 University Way NE, Seattle, 98105.  
Fall classes will be offered 4:15-5:45 PM on Tuesdays (ages 7-13) and Thursdays (ages 14+), for 12 weeks starting in late September. 
Tuition is $600 for the summer program and $450 for the fall programs (partial scholarships and pay-what-you-can available).  TOP is now a contracted DSHS/DDA respite care provider.

Founded by Lauren Goldman Marshall, an established playwright and theater director and the mother of a teenage girl with Asperger’s, TOP has been serving youth with autism spectrum and other developmental differences since 2010.  TOP also offers programs in the classroom and parent-teacher workshops focusing on inclusion.  For more information, contact, or see


mirmac1 said…
Melissa, I'm so glad you went to the workshop at Laurelhurst. This is one of my final acts as President of the Special Education PTSA. My hope is that more schools will seek to build community and an environment of Inclusion, and may avail themselves of similar community-building, expressive opportunities.

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