The Legislature's Education Task Force Wants Your Input

Given what they have asked for, I believe they want an actual outline of specifics, not just suggestions.

Request for Proposed Solutions from the Public:
Recommendations to the Legislature on Implementing the Program of Basic Education as Defined in Statute 

As discussed during the June 8th meeting of the Education Funding Task Force (EFTF), members of the EFTF would like to request proposals from the public on what recommendations they would make to the Legislature on implementing the program of basic education as defined in statute.

Proposed solutions must be submitted by e-mail at Please submit proposals by July 31st. 

Proposals must include both a plan for expenditures and the source of resources to fund the expenditures, either cuts to existing expenditures, new sources of revenue or some combination thereof. The resource portion of the proposal must be specific. For instance, if the proposal includes elimination of tax exemptions, it must specify which tax exemptions are recommended to be eliminated. 

Proposals should include recommendations for each of the education funding components that are outlined in Section 2 of Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6195.


Another View said…
I've seen individuals advocating for education funding. I've not seen a proposal that would provide funding for education and keep dollars in Seattle. It is possible for education to be "funded" and for Seattle to loose tens of millions of dollars.

I've seen calls for income tax, but I've not seen a mechanism that would disallow the legislature from robbing education dollars. Remember I 728??

One state pays an enormous amount of taxes. If we had a similar tax structure, we'd be paying $10K-$17K in property addition to city, state, federal taxes, commuter tax etc. Those individuals are experiencing cuts to their schools because dollars are being moved across the state.

More work needs to be done.
Charlie Mas said…
Now they ask?

How many ordinary citizens have the expertise and data resources necessary to respond to this RFP? Only the lobbyists. They will get proposals from lobbyists and a number of Gates Foundation astroturf groups and nothing from ordinary citizens. The whole thing is a sham.
mirmac1 said…
Solution: submit your resignation ASAP so a more competent person can do the important task. You have FAILED!

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