Thinking of the City of Orlando and Their Terrible Grief

What words do we have left in our venacular for what we as Americans have learned to tolerate?

So first, prayers, sympathies, hope for the survivors - all these to the families and friends of those killed in Orlando in last night's mass shooting.

It's interesting because I had just seen a town hall with President Obama where an older gentleman asked him why he wanted to take "our guns."  The President said he didn't and, in fact, had never once in his presidency, suggested this.  He said what he did want to do is be able to not allow people on the federal watchlist for terrorism to not be able to legally get a gun.

I don't know if the shooter this time was on that list but he had been questioned, twice, by the FBI because of things he had said to others.

Update: here's a map of massing shootings since Newtown from Vox.  Pretty crowded.

So what will it take for change?
 Clearly not a mass shooting at an elementary school.  When that happened in Scotland in the early '90s , they tightened up the gun law and the United Kingdom has not seen a mass shooting since.

Clearly not a mass shooting at a service base (see Fort Hood which, before last night, had the dubious honor as the location of largest mass shooting in the U.S.)

Clearly not a mass shooting at a nightclub with mostly gay clientele.

I guess - since Congress is so myopic - maybe the only thing that will get their attention is a mass shooting there.  Now I'm not advocating it or hoping for it but I'm thinking that could be the only thing that will get Congress' true attention.

I leave you with the notion that we are a nation who believes that we have expendable citizens.  That every single year, there are thousands of people who are killed as the result of gun "accidents" or gun violence.  And that's okay with us because people in our nation are expendable.

Your mother. Your cousin. Your neighbor. Your co-worker. Me. You. My child. Your child.

Everybody in this country is expendable according to the NRA. 


John said…
Nothing will change.

When Newtown happened, it was instantly clear:
"If this doesn't change things, nothing will."
"This won't change things."

Nothing will change.
You know, Unpleasant person, it's one thing to put stupid comments on some threads. This one is about life and death.

Shame on you for your pathetic actions. (I deleted your 'tricks' and will continue to do so but what a sad commentary it is for what you find amusing.)
Anonymous said…
"last night's largest American mass shooting." Wrong, where do you get your misinformation from? Hillary I bet.

End PC
No, that was the headline in nearly every newspaper in the U.S.

If that is incorrect, how so?
seattle citizen said…
Depends on what one means by "mass shootings." There have been many massacres of blacks, over 100 people, and also of Native Americans. Wounded Knee, for instance.
Sorry, I believe I meant "mass killing." I'll change that but what I write has nothing to do with what Hillary Clinton thinks or says.
Anonymous said…
Melissa-- I also saw that town hall meeting with Obama. I think Obama stated his position very clearly. I think that alot of the news media (especially TV) is "entertainment" oriented. So many American people relying on these avenues for news get bits and sound bytes. People like Trump get covered constantly as they make comments as he is adept at garnering the media's attention. So real news gets lost. The town hall meeting should be playing on the TV stations instead. If someone is consistently reading and watching "quality" authentic news sources, they would clearly understand the issues. For example, most mass shootings are done by Americans with mental illness born in America. Despite being on FBI lists these people are able to buy "mass assault" style weapons that can kill many people at once.
Brian Duncan said…
There are at least two concrete and immediate things we can all do in response to the Orlando horror:

1. get Initiative 1491 extreme risk protection orders, on the Nov Ballot; and
2. Elect more and better (pro-gun responsibility law reform at a minimum) Democrats.Attend your Dem Legislative District monthly meetings, endorse better Dem candidates.

We can also be empathetic, model and teach our kids non-violence, and lot's of other things that are longer term strategies. Advocating for re-authorization of assault weapons, high capacity ammunition clips ban would also be an concrete help to diminish the mayhem, without impinging on anyone's right to self-defense or hunting.

We must also strive, always, against cynicism and despair and giving up on ourselves and/or our fellow citizen's capacity to do better.
Anonymous said…
Brian Duncan said..."high capacity ammunition clips ban"

Brian, guns don't have clips. Do you mean magazines? Yes we should ban magazines that hold more than one round. That way when a criminal engages you, you will need to make your one shot count. We know that no respectable criminal would ever break the law and use a hi capacity magazine.

--Terry B.

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