Things Kids Can Do This Summer

Heard about these programs via readers and the always-helpful Director Leslie Harris.

Looking for a healthy, screen-free outdoor activity for your kids this summer? Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center is a fabulous Parks and Rec. Dept. facility that hosts a broad range of water-related programs. For 8th graders (or 7th rising) and high school students, rowing teaches kids collaboration, grit, personal drive and, of course, how to move a boat through the water together while experiencing the beauty of our environs from a unique vantage point. WMS recently hosted "Erg Ed" through PE classes; a nice follow on to these for further exploring rowing is the free "Intro to Row" class offered on Saturday morning, June 25. Space is limited in the Intro to Row classes, so pre-registration is required. There's a sculling camp for new rowers in the afternoons during June and morning rowing all summer long.

If you'd like to speak with coaches, other parents or kids about their experience, we can connect you - please call 206-386-1913, mail or stop by the boathouse. Financial aid for full cost of fees is available.

Southwest Youth & Family Services is offering a 10-week Summer Young Writers Workshop. Students work will be published. Also, students can earn up to a $900 stipend and high school credit. Program dates are June 27th through August 18th. For more info, contact Bryan Hayes at 206-937-7680 or (Kelly Dugar,

Interested in going to college? Do you have an interest in art? El Centro de la Raza is currently seeking students ages 14-24 to apply for the Summer Roberto Maestas Youth Leadership Institute. This free 2-week internship is a great opportunity for those looking to transition to college and work with professional artist. For more information contact; Alex, Cristina or Sebastien at El Centro de la Raza. 206-957-4617. (Alex Bautista,

Seattle Parks and Recreation has a number of summer camps and scholarships are available.

Also, not to miss in this year's Pianos in the Parks.
Pianos in the Parks is a public-private partnership aiming to DELIGHT, to bring together COMMUNITIES, and to SHOWCASE PARKS and open spaces in Seattle, Bellevue and King County. Leading music, art and parks organizations all worked together to bring a special piano to a park near you! So get out and play! Make music, enjoy special events, discover your parks and maybe get discovered yourself!

As always, Seattle Public Library has a ton of things going on this summer including summer book bingo for adults, early learning nature adventures for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their summer program for kids, Astounding Tales of Nature.   


uxolo said…
There's a new program being offered by The Data Analysis Academy to rising high school juniors and seniors.

Seeing the Big Picture: An Introduction to Investigation through Data is a one-week intensive course in data analysis for Seattle-area high school students. Students will learn essential techniques and critical thinking skills to approach ordinary and not-so-ordinary problems in business, medicine, public policy, academics, and more. Students will learn how to turn broad questions into testable hypotheses that can be answered with data, learning a step-by-step approach to generating, verifying, and communicating their discoveries. This cross-disciplinary approach is tailored to amplify insights from coursework students will encounter in college and advanced high school classes. Each student will leave the course with greater confidence in their ability to investigate and interpret their world — skills that will lead to success in school, in college, and in their career.
Greg Linden said…
Absolutely love Pianos in the Parks. Fantastic! People play, even dance sometime. It's great.

If you're willing to tolerate screens, I can't recommend Duolingo enough for kids for foreign language learning. Learn a language, for free, on your mobile phone and on your computer. It's great and addictive. Definitely recommend it as a summer activity.
Anonymous said…

And another possibility....
The FIUTS SLCI is a three-week global experience right here on the UW campus! Local participants take part in workshops focused on cultural competency and global leadership, while international participants spend each morning in immersive English language classes. Each afternoon, the whole group comes together for fun and educational excursions to learn about the Pacific Northwest, each other, and the world. Learn more about the program below. Open to kids 13-17, full day program for about $600.00 from July 11-29, 2016.

-UW Fan

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