Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Care About ALL Children

 Update: today a federal judge ruled that the practice of splitting families must cease.
A San Diego federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday at the request of the American Civil Liberties Union that calls for all children affected by the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy to be reunited with their parents within 30 days.

“The unfortunate reality is that under the present system migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property. Certainly, that cannot satisfy the requirements of due process,” he added.

Under the order, children younger than 5 years old must be reunited with their parents within 14 days, while older children must be reunited with their parents within 30 days. Within 10 days, federal authorities must allow parents to call their children if they're not already in contact with them.
Good news.

end of update

What sad, sad time in our country.
Don't be a Muslim child because there are those who think you'll grow up to be a terrorist (or your father already is).   And as of today,  don't have an ethnic background to certain countries because you will probably not see your relatives very often (thanks Supreme Court).

Don't be an Asian child because, for your entire life, people will ask you, "Where are you from?"

Don't be Hispanic because some will assume that you are here illegally.

Most especially, don't be a black child, especially a boy, because, for a few police officers in every single city or town, it seems you are their target practice.

Yesterday, another black mother laid her child to rest.  That would be 17-year old Antwon Rose who was shot in the back, three times, by a Pittsburgh police officer.  Rose was riding in a car that police were pulling over on suspicion that it had been used in a crime.  Unarmed, Rose fled the car.  It was later ascertained that it wasn't the car the police had been seeking.  Another passenger also fled but was not shot at.  There were two firearms found in the car. 

Antwon was a student in the gifted program, taking honors classes.  He played sax in the jazz band and was a volunteer.

In 10th grade, he wrote a poem, based on an assignment to write about something more important than themselves.  It is called "I Am Not What You Think!":
The program at Antwon Rose II's funeral featured images of him, an obituary and a poem he wrote.

His parents had never seen the poem but thanks to his teacher who remembered it and sent it to them, they now have this treasure.

"I am confused and afraid,
I wonder what path I will take
I hear that there's only two ways out
I see mothers bury their sons
I want my mom to never feel that pain,
I am confused and afraid."

So, as parents, I ask you, do you worry that you may never see your child again, either thru death or someone taking them away? If not, then please have some compassion for others for whom this IS a daily worry. 


Carrie said...

And maybe maybe in addition to compassion, we could get some people who care about nonwhite children to also vote.

Anonymous said...

wth carrie - who with a child doesn't care about all children?!?!? yikes i have no idea what you meant but what you said is deplorable. black women vote at higher rates than white men. i am assuming they care about nonwhite children. A LOT. they also care for all children too.

no caps

Carrie said...

Voter turnout is frequently only around 60% in this country. Obviously plenty of that 60% of registered voters care about children, all children. But more than feeling compassion toward all children, it would be great if we could get some of the 40% who don't vote to go vote. A lot of people spend a lot of time caring for children and caring about children, but fall short when it matters the most. Feeling compassion is less effective than actually doing something, something like voting. There are lots of ways to actually do something. I would urge people who care to act on their caring.

I'm sure there were plenty of registered voters who cared about all kids in the 40 or so percent of people who didn't vote in the last presidential election. I bet you some SPS students, some SPS graduates, some SPS teachers, some SPS grandparents were among the people who cared but didn't act.

Having children reduces the voting turnout, particularly young children.

Caring and having compassion are important. Actually doing something is even more important.

I completely agree with Melissa that people should have compassion. I just think we should go one step beyond compassion and act.

Anonymous said...

@no caps

"wth carrie - who with a child doesn't care about all children?!?!?"

Was this written with a straight face?

Have you studied basic history? You do know that children were routinely sold away from their families by, from and to people "with a child" of their own? Have you heard about Indian boarding schools?

A majority of Americans support Trump's policy which has separated children from parents. Many of these supporters have children.

Your continued contorted efforts to deny the impact of racism has gone beyond ludicrous and is now in the realm of Orwell.

Delete Me

Anonymous said...

oh good god. you are a trip.

"A majority of Americans support Trump's policy" NO - he doesn't even have a majority approval rating. the man is a crock. we all know that.

which has separated children from parents YES BUT NOT EVEN TRUMP BELIEVES THIS IS RIGHT - at least he says that now.

"Many of these supporters have children." yeah but again he was forced to change the policy not because of people like me. but because his supporters -evangelicals let him know he was whacked.

"Your continued contorted efforts to deny the impact of racism" just because i am not challenged by logic like you and make shit up like you - then i am a "racism denier(?)" no. sorry. where exactly is that? back on those silly blm post that show how this blog is also racism denying? when really it was just a defense against sps teachers' attack on district's developed (based on best practices as defined by the robinson center) hcc program. shheessss. take a look at your lack of logic then consider getting help, soon.

so again: fwiw = no tracking is best. robust rigor for all in every classroom. race is most important and hcc is merely an extension of eugenics and appartheid. anyone who is involved with this program is a supporting institutionalized racism. everyone knows this based on the extended legal battles that have ensued between the district and the state.

no caps

Anonymous said...

carrie so you meant some more and not "some" whew. can you believe how unhinged fwiw became? wow. calling people racist because they found it obvious that you couldn't have really believed that nobody is voting for brown kid's needs.

i also do stand by having kids makes people much more compassionate about the village. i guess saying everyone is too many - so i will say nearly everyone - and EVERYONE i know with kids have a greater empathy for ALL KIDS. guess that isn't what fwiw's circle of friends are like. sorry to hear that. snowflake guilt.

so again: fwiw = no tracking is best. robust rigor for all in every classroom. race is most important and hcc is merely an extension of eugenics and APPartheid. anyone who is involved with this program is a supporting institutionalized racism. everyone knows this based on the extended legal battles that have ensued between the district and the state.

no caps

Melissa Westbrook said...

"A majority of Americans support Trump's policy which has separated children from parents."

Cite that source. They may support enforcing laws but separating kids from parents? You are wrong on that point.

"race is most important and hcc is merely an extension of eugenics and APPartheid. anyone who is involved with this program is a supporting institutionalized racism."

In your opinion. And please cite all these legal battles over HC between the state and the district.

Anonymous said...

i know of none. that is my point.fwiw has been claiming that ospi is all over sps because of racial issues. they are not. imo that is just like their other bogus claims.

no caps

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with, as the article calls it, the quest for the golden ticket into a gifted program and what bad effects it has on the rest of the students.



Anonymous said...

From the linked article We are no longer solely dependent on the herculean efforts of teachers to make a difference. It’s no longer necessary to make rough approximations of natural potential. Technology can give every student a chance to develop great talent. Both inside and outside the classroom, powerful tools exist that can provide every student with the advanced, personalized instruction that we know characterizes a robust education and a path to success. For example, we now offer courses that mimic the personalized instruction of the best teachers and tutors – technology can adapt to how each student learns best, delivering personalized lessons tailored to each student’s own learning style and pace. What was once reserved for the “gifted and talented” is something that everyone can and should have access to today.

This is not an unbiased source. The author runs a business offering online classes.

Fairmount Parent

Anonymous said...

I wrote the wrong statistic. I apologize for the error.

The majority of Republicans support the separation:


History has proven that having children of your own does not mean you care about all children.

Also, no caps' continued lies about what I believe unfortunately demonstrates that some parents will go to great lengths to keep advantages for their own children, especially when the writing is on the wall about an unfair program that has benefitted them and their own.

The good news is that all the advocacy is paying off with changes, both in state law, school board policy, and overwhelming public support for equity in advanced learning.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Delete Me

Anonymous said...

haha fwiw. you get it completely wrong and accuse me again of being a racist for correcting carrie?

what school board policy is that then that you changed? none. devin buckners? none, even though she unfairly took spots from qualified speakers.

what state law did you change. none.

how did you increase equity support? the major change over the last ten years is calling hc basic education needs. regardless of race. and most recently for those that are disadvantaged by ses, ell and 2e. that is significant. (probably will see that law suit against stephen martin's unilateral change of the appeals test criterion.) so i heard that folks like you and devin bruckner got rid of many successful appeals - meaning less 2e kids. whoot. whoot. but even delusional people must agree that doesn't really increase equity.

then there is honors for none - is not in compliance with the state and needs to send over a report. there you do have a rub with ospi. because of lack of true hc service/results is assuredly why they don't write that promised report.

news flash equity has seen years of concern since before the first splits. it isn't new. what is new is your conflated post on this. what is new is your claim ospi is going to sue sps for sure. not false concern like geary saying it is racist but sends her kids to it. or dewolf saying it is 90% white and never correcting it.

classic fwiw: see you are racist.
me: no. i'm. not. carrie's post was way out of line. she corrected it. your responding post was way out of line. you corrected it.
fwiw: okay but the program is racist. and when no caps says that i say the program is racist he is lying about me.

i trust parents to care for more than just their kids because that is what my eyes show me. yeah not every but most / vast majority/ white/ black / mixed - in fact,no one has showed me that they don't care for all kids more than revelations that we can't have universal testing because it would allow too many whites in. yuck. so yeah there are self centered people out there willing to deny the services that are needed.

i read today that white males live longer than black males on average. the thought process towards unilateral testing would be analogous above as saying, no need to risk scan whites males for heart issues, so we can bring those numbers closer together.

no caps

Anonymous said...

oh and fwiw - you wrote that ten days after the article was published and after trump reversed his policy. he did not reverse his policy because it was winning and supported. (oh and yeah obviously sessions and trump are certain examples of people with children who absolutely don't care about other's kids). but there is no way at that time you wrote that there was broad support of that hateful policy aside from the above mentioned pinheads.

no caps

Anonymous said...

I stopped saying there would be a lawsuit ever since the state addressed the need for more underserved students in WA HC (aka SPS) by a change in the law. That made a lawsuit unnecessary.

It is well-known that using FRL is the first, and most legal, remedy for addressing racial inequities in public schools, btw.

The board also agreed to identify more underserved children as a compromise during the high school HCC-at-all-schools debate.

I have never called you a racist. I have referred to your attempts to protect the status quo of an unfair program because it benefits your own children. At this point, I am basically stating the obvious. You have a horse(s) in the game, in terms of your progeny.

My only horse in the game is fairness. Change is happening, for the better. Good news.

Delete Me

Anonymous said...

Btw, I am writing from Europe and don't have the "benefit" of wall-to-wall cable coverage of "all USA, all of the time."

Thanks for keeping me up-to-date.

You seem to have mastered the Trump tactic of focusing on a missed detail, in order to get your audience to lose the forest for the trees.


Delete Me

Anonymous said...

you have called me and the program racist. even is this very thread: "
Your continued contorted efforts to deny the impact of racism has gone beyond ludicrous and is now in the realm of Orwell."

denial of racism combined with your blm post that says denial of racism is complicit of racism. what is orwellian is your fanciful weave of facts, bullshit and race baiting.

again carrie said no one votes for brown students. i said bs. you said you can't say that. carrie said that she got it wrong. you said doesn't matter no caps lies and he is complicit and ignoring the impact of racism.

continue to mislead, troll and do all that you think you can get away with. really your claim for more than two years is that hcc has to have as many blacks in the program as there are in sps. sounds great. but not the law. you said they better do it or they will be sued. they didn't.

now you say, as i have said then and now it should be based on frl, ell (and i add 2e). that has nothing to do with your local norms argument. and eugenics. and appartheid. so admit it the program isn't excluding based on RACE. admit it as it would be good for all the children. including my horses - or whatever - who have attended the program for feeling less because they are hc and their schools made them think they are racist for being in that program.

i guess that is how you judge success. that, and making sure less white kids get in even if they are ell, frl or 2e. congrats. i hope your tf lets you out on good behavior soon.

no caps

Anonymous said...

also your left tire is really low. just an observation.

concerned parent- 666

Anonymous said...

"all USA, all of the time."

you provided the link. you had to know that it was outdated.

you provided the blm link you had to know that they were inflammatory.

you provide excuses for your blathering but yet you will not admit that hc is a program based on best practices as defined by sps and the leaders in the field including the robinsons... and is not racist. any future post that doesn't identify that singular point will cement your motives. just a gadfly? troll is what i think they call them in russia.

no caps

Melissa Westbrook said...

No, Delete Me, you've said there WERE lawsuits. C'mon.

concerned parent- 666, go away. You are not welcome here. Go back to Trumpland where people love to threaten others.

We'll end this here.