Friday, June 08, 2018

Great Turnout for Franklin High School Call to Action

Hundreds and hundreds of Franklin students came out today to line Rainier Ave S in a call to action following the death of senior Ryan Dela Cruz last weekend.   Wearing bright orange t-shirts, they stood for an hour, shouting and waving.

Supported by many Franklin staffers, the students made their voices heard.

I also talked to several people including a couple of students from Washington Middle School (whose mom allowed them to join the action).

A big shout-out to this restaurant in the photo below that generously offered bathrooms and water to the students.  


Anonymous said...

And no comment here either. Because the inherent racism and white fragility forever present on this blog leaves you all unable to comment/care about the loss of a non-white student's life. Or about the trauma experienced by marginalized communities within our own city. Less than 10% of the students at Franklin are white. Is that why you don't care? Do you care to know that they are National Mock Trial Champions? State Girls Ultimate Frisbee Champions? Non-white kids are kids too. Do amazing things, that don't get credit here. They deserve being valued as much and more, if we are truly going to have a great *equal* society.
-Quaker for Life

Melissa Westbrook said...

Quaker, you are way out of line.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's stunning that the death of this student was not acknowledged with any comments until the "way out of line" poster said what needed to be said.

How can an grieving person be "way out of line" by stating the obvious--that Naviance is way more important here than the loss of this young life?

Thank you for bringing some needed humanity and morality to the discussion, Quaker.

Your words are powerful and true.

Not a "great turnout" here.

--Wake up

Anonymous said...

I think less has been said on here because the shooting took place at a local park and not at Franklin itself. I don't believe that they have apprehended the shooter or even have a suspect. Many on this blog have called for the city to do something about the safety of students especially in the south end.

Franklin is a wonderful school and many have acknowledged that. I am sorry for Franklin's loss of a fine young man.


Melissa Westbrook said...

My issue is lumping the blog with the comments. I try very hard to keep up with what happens at the school level, good and sad/bad.

And, as I stated, I was at the rally.

Anonymous said...

WHAT are people supposed to say? Did you actually know Ryan, cuz you had him as a student, and you have his friends as students? It is taken people like that a week or more to ... mumble and scream ... and kick the couch... and ...

Hey! I know what! We need MORE vapid committees! We need MORE useless resolutions!

Thanks for being another avenue of bringing attention to what a bunch of very hurt kids are going through, processing, trying to figure out how to deal with. For a lot of our kids, Friday's action might have been the first time they've participated in a very current and very real civic duty.

Until people are going to detail exactly who are those responsible for an incredibly unfair and kick-you-in-teeth-society, and protest in front of the homes of those responsible, all the messed up crap which contributes to this bull-crap isn't gonna change.

Committees, Resolutions, ... blow it out your hot


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