Two More WA State Charter Schools to Close

I knew this was likely coming. How? Because of the low number of applications to the Washington Charter Commission.  Because of the low number of applications approved.  And that one other charter school also closed this year closed this year.

That line from the Washington Policy Center and others that  "all the charters have a waiting list" was just bullshit.

From the Times:
Two charter schools — one in Kent and another in Tacoma — will shut down at the end of this academic year, bringing the total number of closures to four since the publicly funded but privately run schools first opened in Washington state five years ago.
Two of those are Green Dot's, one of the big chain players in charter schools in Washington State. 
But in his statement, Hailey in part blamed a last-minute decision during this year’s legislative session to block charter schools from accessing state funds that boost the local tax collections of traditional school districts. 
The freedom to run your school as you please means oversight and that costs money on the part of the state.  Sorry, charters that's how it is.

I will be glad when I have the time to write about charters, locally and nationally.  The tide is away from charters and with California leading the way, I think it's a fad that will fade.  I think charters may always be around but in far fewer numbers.

I think Dems who are running for president are going to see that anyone who was supporting charters put their faith in the wrong people.  I'm looking at you, Cory Booker.


Curious said…
So, is Green Dot Rainier Valley going to close, too? How can they afford to stay open if the other nearby Green Dots can't?
Nope, their schools in Seattle will remain open and I expect a full-court press to get students from Aki, RBHS, Franklin and Mercer to jump ship. I think they can afford to stay open because they have a parent group in California that can front them (including Gates).
Sorry, by "parent" group, I mean their headquarters, not actual parents.

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