Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Public Testimony from Site Hearings On-Line

All the school closure site hearings this week have court reporters, and the district has committed to posting the full testimony from the hearings on-line. As of today (Wednesday), transcripts from two site hearings are already posted.

Go to the Investing in Educational Excellence page and scroll to the bottom of the page under the section labeled "Public Hearing Schedule."


Anonymous said...

What is interesting to me is that Rainier View and Emerson had not expressed a desire to merge before the Superintendent's recs and now they do. They seem to believe that New School is supporting their community (which they very well may be) but it is also likely that New School wants its new building (priced at around $50M). If Emerson and RV merge, then it is likely New School will get its building. It seems sad to be building a new building and closing others. And, to have no real idea when the private funding for New School will run out.

Viewlands says that it wants to be K-8 which is fine except that I would agree with the district; they don't even have the numbers for a K-5 so why would the district make them a K-8? As I said before, it is more plausible for Broadview-Thompson to go K-8 as it was built as a middle school. Viewlands also did not express this desire to be a K-8 to the CAC so that's also a mystery as to why they wouldn't have publicly said it sooner.

Anonymous said...

Nearly all of the rationale provided to keep Viewlands open is around the Asperger's and autism inclusion program. It is as if the whole school exists for the benefit of these 12 kids.

I'm an active advocate for a program with about 1300 students enrolled and I'm constantly told "You're only 1300 students; we have to consider the needs of the whole district."

It is very strange for me to see how much is demanded in the name of these 12 students when so much is denied for 1300.