FYI: OSPI Looking for a Few Good Parents

From the Washington State PTSA:


In May, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction will conduct a review of K-12 science curriculums in order to be able to make recommendations to the State Board of Education. They would like 2 or 3 parents to assist with this process. It is requested that parents be familiar with reviewing curriculum or have participated in a district curriculum selection process. Parents also need to have a science background. The review will be done on 11-15 May, 2009 in Vancouver, Washington. Participation for the entire process is required. All travel, hotel and meals will be provided.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email the following information to :

1. Contact information

2. Qualifications

3. Reason for interest

PTA parents who participated in the math curriculum review have told us that this is a very interesting process!


hschinske said…
I'm a bit concerned that they expect you to have previous experience reviewing curricula -- I don't mind being disqualified because I don't have a formal science background, but which parents who aren't professional educators would fit the curriculum review part? unless they had previously participated when no such previous experience was required?

Though I must say, if the math selection process is any model, I'm expecting the majority view to be disregarded anyway.

Helen Schinske
hschinske said…
I've also heard that (a) the new science standards aren't that great, and (b) Randy Dorn is talking about moving to using national standards instead. If we choose science curriculum now, in accordance with the most recent set of standards, and then everything changes, won't that be a rather expensive mistake?

Helen Schinske
Tosca said…
I wanted to say "thanks" for posting this here. I passed it along to my husband (an engineering professor) and he volunteered. We just heard that the Washington State PTA passed his name (along with two others) on to OSPI.

We don't know if he will get picked, but it's one of the first times that I've seen him volunteer for something at the K-12 level, so thanks!

Helen, I don't know how serious they are about the curriculum review experience. My husband has certainly designed and developed classes and materials at the college level, but not for K-12. As a college prof, however, he's pretty familiar with the deficiencies that students have entering university. I'll keep you posted if he ends up being selected.

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