Sign Basic Education Petition

Please take 2 minutes to read and sign this petition:

From an e-mail I received from Melissa Purcell:

"...the message we must send to Olympia is the same; Redefine the definition of Basic Education this legislative session and lay the groundwork for creating an equitable and sustainable funding system that will FULLY fund all of our public schools and pay quality teachers a respectable wage.The goal is to collect thousands of signatures in support of education...

...Please, take an extra minute to add your own comments or at the very least, use the phrase "Redefine Basic Education" or "Reform Washington State Education in 2009." These comments will be sent directly to your legislators, and the Governor."


David said…
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Mr. Edelman said…
Meanwhile, back in Olympia, the big education bills that are actually under consideration are ESB 6048 ("Concerning the state's education system") and companion bill HB 2261.

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