Sunday, March 22, 2009

Income-Based and Race-Based Enrollment Tiebreakers

Based on the comments on the Assignment Plan/Math Adoption Meeting Today from yesterday, I thought I'd share some history/background on the income-based and race-based enrollment tiebreaker discussions.


dan dempsey said...

Math Adoption was included at this meeting. Was anyone there that could comment on this?

Here is a small collection of my letters to SPS directors on the HS math adoption.

Discovering Algebra etc.


Authentic Algebra needed


Math and the Strategic Plan


Why are we excluding many math knowledgeable individuals in favor of those who know little high school math?


Sahila said...

Seattle School District's integration positive assignment policies (and therefore integration positive busing referred to in the transportation plan?)were ruled as being unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in 2007...



Why are people (on another thread) making a distinction between high school and elementary/middle school assignment policies - surely if its unconstitutional for high school assignment to be based on race, then its also unconstitutional for elementary and middle school assignment to also be based on race - and so, why is this policy still an element of transportation policies?... see:

under the heading yellow bus services for middle school students...

Notice also the discrepancy between what is offered (alterntive school K-8) Salmon Bay middle school students and AS#1 K-8 middle school students - no out of cluster transport for AS#1 middle schoolers because the K-5 geographic criteria are being applied, but Salmon Bay middle schoolers are bused from all over the city, including the north and north east Thornton Creek 5th grade graduates who then go on to Salmon Bay...

Were is the logic and the consistency? If the District is really serious about saving money, it would apply the same criteria to all schools, not just to some...

TwinMom2003 said...

Thank you for pulling these together Beth.