YMCA Summer Camp Scholarships

It's that time to start thinking about summer. Here is information that was forwarded to me that I hope you pass onto any counselors or teachers you know.

I have 50 scholarships for students this summer and I would love your help getting these scholarships into deserving hands. Can you please nominate a deserving student and/or forward this email to any teachers, youth workers, or partner organizations you might know? Thanks!

B.O.L.D. - Boys Outdoor Leadership Development - is now accepting registrations for our summer Mountain School. Our 5 - 16 day backpacking, rock climbing and mountaineering expeditions provide an opportunity for boys 11 - 18 years of age to develop communication, decision making and multi-cultural leadership skills through outdoor adventure, challenge and fun! This is a fantastic opportunity for young men to develop the leadership skills necessary to thrive in school, college and life all while exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. For more information about our exceptional and affordable programs check out the attached brochure or www.ymcaboys.org. The priority deadline is April 30th.

In addition, Please pass the attached scholarship recommendation form to teachers, counselors and youth workers so they can directly give a deserving student a $250 or $450 scholarship (that's about 80% of the cost).

I also am currently coordinating school visits and if you would like to have me come to your school or parent meeting and do a 15 minute presentation and slideshow about the BOLD Mountain School and one of my sister programs for girls please call me at the number below. Information on similar programs for young women can be found at http://www.ymcaboys.org/girls.php .

Many thanks for all your help!

Andrew A. Jay

B.O.L.D. - Boys Outdoor Leadership Development

Metrocenter YMCA, Seattle

www.ymcaboys.org - ajay@seattleymca.org – Office: 206.587.6119 – Fax: 206.382.7894


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