Whatever Happened to... Raj Manhas

Those of you who might be wondering what our former Superintendent, Raj Manhas, is doing these days might want to check out this story from The Olympian: 5 to view for top N. Thurston post.

It appears that he is now the former executive director of Seeds of Compassion and is up for the job of Superintendent of North Thurston Public Schools.

I don't know why his gig with Seeds of Compassion was so brief, but anyone interested in a professional, unbiased review of his work can read the CACIEE report to learn about his total failure to fulfill any of the executive duties or provide any leadership as Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.


Charlie Mas said…
It has been announced. Raj Manhas got the job of superintendent of public schools in North Thurston.

I must say that I'm surprised that he would be hired after his tenure in Seattle.

He twarted the will of the Board, his bosses. He utterly failed to fulfill the executive duties. He lied to the public. And he broke just about every promise he ever made. He was personally responsible for delays in the closure process and delayed improvement in the academic programs.

He was a disaster from the word go, but North Thurston hired him.

Free said…
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Free said…
It's called public agency Whack-a-Mole. Anyone notice that Ricardo Cruz, a personnel director who left SPS and King County under serious clouds, is now back at SPS as . . . a labor relations rep?!
Unknown said…
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josaf said…
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