Comment Moderation Turned On

Because one of the blog commenters has insisted upon trying to "identify" commenters, I have turned comment moderation on. This means that no comments will appear on this blog until I approve them. I absolutely hate that I have to do this.

But on this blog, I have always insisted that everyone has the right to be anonymous. If you want to dig back through the history of posts, you will see several long discussions on this topic.

But whether you agree with my decision or not, the fact is the policy of this blog is that everyone gets the right to post anonymously.

I will not put up with any guessing or hinting or suggesting about commenter logins. I don't know if the guesses are correct or incorrect, and I don't care. Everyone who reads this blog and wants to comment has the right to post anonymously.

If you don't like that policy, please find another blog to read and comment on.


Beth Bakeman said…
Comment moderation is now turned off. Comments that don't follow the blog policies will be deleted.
seattle citizen said…
Thank you, Beth, for giving us this reminder of protocol. I take it to heart, as you and others have worked hard to provide this forum (and continue to work hard) and it is not to be abused.
I will do my best to follow discussion guidelines (and good ones they are - all you seem to ask is for respectful dialogue and I appreciate that.)

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