Need a Bike for Your Child?

Just saw this and thought I'd let folks know about this event.

Bike Works, Columbia City's nonprofit bike shop and youth bicycle education organization, will host its 14th annual Kid's Bike Swap on Saturday. Families can trade in outgrown bikes for larger, refurbished ones. That way, the old bike doesn't sit in your garage until the next yard sale.

As a news release about the swap says: "The Kid's Bike Swap helps to facilitate the flow of affordable bicycles within the community while simultaneously keeping fully functional bikes out of our local landfills."

The swap is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Genesee Playfield at 43rd Avenue South and South Genesee Street.

Here's how the bike swap works, according to Bike Works:

"Each bike that is brought to be swapped is assigned a trade value, which can then be applied towards a 'new' bike. If the chosen bike's value exceeds that of the trade value the 'customer' is responsible for the difference. Typically, when a bike is exchanged, the 'customer' is able to take home a newly recycled ride for $12 or less. Families looking to buy a bike, who do not have a bike to trade in, are welcome to come after 12 pm.


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