Stand For Children Event/City Council and Board Event: Take Your Pick

From the Seattle Chapter of Stand for Children:

Empowering Educators: Success for All Students
A community discussion on new approaches to evaluation and compensation
and how it can work in our schools.

Monday, May 24th

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)
3639 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
Seattle, WA 98144

This event will also be available through live streaming video on our website.

During the 2010 legislative session, the Governor, education advocates and the legislature committed to pilot improved evaluations of teachers and principals that will likely become a statewide model. A work group was established to consider how educators in Washington are paid starting in 2011.

How will these changes affect kids? What do improved compensation and evaluation systems look like? What can Washington learn from other districts and states tackling these issues and how do we ensure that changes result in positive outcomes for educators and students?

Our panel represents national and local experts – Raegan Miller of The Center for American Progress, Jeff Wilson of The New Teacher Project, Alan Burke from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Superintendent Mary Alice Heuschel of the Renton School District and a Washington educator – and will address key issues related to empowering educators and ensuring success for all students. All are welcome to participate in the discussion.

(I'm fairly sure what I will hear given these panelists. But it's always good to go out there and hear the discussion even if you don't agree with the conclusions.)

City Council/Board Event

Councilwoman Sally Clark and Director Peter Maier are hosting a special community meeting on:

Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Schools

A Planning Primer: Demystifying Growth for Quality Neighborhoods and Schools

Monday, May 24th from 6-8 p.m. in the Eckstein Middle School Auditorium

Planning 101 (agenda to be discussed):

  • Learning how neighborhoods, the City and the region anticipate, prepare and respond to growing and changing populations
  • Understand how SPS plans for schools
  • Find out about our growth goals for stronger neighborhoods
  • Questions and feedback from the public
Questions about the event? Contact Councilmember Clark’s office at 206-684-8802 or

This could be interesting (especially "how SPS plans for schools" for which the answer seems to be "not a lot".) But I really do like Councilwoman Clark and she's a good listener.

So pick an event and go!


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting Stand for Children's event on your blog. Here is an excellent opportunity not only to hear from the expert panelist but to ask questions and participate in the discussion. If anyone is interested in getting any of Raegan Miller's reading material, please feel free to contact me at
Anonymous said…
All this event is about is merit pay based on student assessment testing and what a wonderful idea this will be.

Haven't we had enough of this propaganda shoved down our throats recently?

The union has rolled over thanks in no small part to the machinations of the Alliance and others who pressured teachers into thinking that if they didn't approve RTTT's draconian measures that they would be perceived as not being team players and nothing more than selfish, self centered, ineffective teachers. Now it's time for the community to be indoctrinated as well?

For additional reading material describing another point of view, see:

and our new website that is developing as we go:

Yes, thanks for the invitation and I will be there, flyers in hand.
Sahila said…
For those of you interested in what's really going on in public education around the country, go here and read this entry:

Its all about money, lots and lots of money finding its way and being kept in the back pockets of the rich... and Stand for Children is a mouthpiece for this group wanting to take over and control public education from start to finish... which is precisely the most profitable business model - control every stage of production and distribution...

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