Teachers: Need Part-time Work This Summer?

Stand For Children has part-time work for teachers this summer. They are looking for teacher ambassadors who believe in the work that Stand does and are willing to talk to other teachers about it.

(This is not an endorsement of Stand but rather, just a notice for teachers who read the blog and may be interested.)


gavroche said…
Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't drink the Kool Aid and infect your fellow teachers!

Wish I could believe that this multi-state, non-grassroots enterprise were free of political agendas and ed reform motives. But there is reason to believe that Stand for Charters -er, Children - has political goals that may not be in sync with what the rest of us want for our schools. Remember that secret, pro-reform political action committee-esque fundraiser they recently had with Supt. Goodloe-Johnson?

"Here's a Fun Event but I Wasn't Invited, Were You?"
Jet City mom said…
I support various community non profits- but as a matter of principle, I do not sign anything or give money to anyone that approaches me at my home.
Worst part of summer IMO.
Unknown said…
astro-turf,all about merit pay.

Email from a SPS teacher who went to the meeting:
They didn't let anybody say anything. We got to write questions on cards that the moderator sorted through to get to the blandest and most generic questions. It was very autocratic. The only person who spoke was Ben Ibale (formerly of SEA) who called them out at the end on their top down methods, and said how it was culturally incompetent of them to come to Asian Counciling and Referal and not engage in a face to face discussion. I hit up three of the panelists (OSPI guy, Renton superintentant, and teacher lacky) afterwards to say "I noticed you talked a lot about accountability and the need for increased support, but none of you mentioned that we are 46th in per pupil funding. You kept saying Colorado does this and New Hamshire does that, but you failed to mention they spend a lot more that we do." I was disappointed that they didn't even argue with me, and just agreed. A parent at my school made me go to this, saying she would buy me a drink if it was a corporate sponsored waste of time. Needless to say, I had to take a cab home...
hschinske said…
Yeah, the questions on cards thing ... parents have been getting that treatment at least since I started going to district meetings, and probably before.

Helen Schinske

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