Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congrats to All

Good news from around our district:

  • Rainier Beach High School took 1st place in the M.E.S.A. Math Olympiad this last Saturday.

  • to Garfield High school for their jazz band winning, for the 4th time, first place at the NYC Essentially Ellington jazz competition. Roosevelt High also did well with an honorable mention.
  • to Orca K-8's team of readers who share the Global Reading Challenge title with a BC school.
  • to Franklin High school whose robotics team won the state title for the FIRST Robotics Microsoft Seattle Regional Competition in March. Franklin also won the Engineering Inspiration Award at this competition. Additionally, Franklin's mock trial team took second place in the 2010 YMCA Mock Trial Competition. Franklin has long had a strong mock trial team.
  • 13 former MLK, Jr. Elementary students were awarded scholarships from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Foundation.
  • Eckstein's Orchestras took top places (in beginning, junior, intermediate and senior) at the Western Washington University Festival.
  • There are two Garfield students, 1 Hale student and 1 Roosevelt student who will each receive a National Merit Scholarship this year.
Also, FYI, there is one last College Readiness Workshop this week, tonight, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Ingraham High School's library.


TechyMom said...

OT: On the trend of young affluent people moving to cities and raising their kids in cities. Oh, and Seattle tied for #1 youth magnet city.

From the New York Times Juggle Blog

If the district doesn't think that they need to serve affluent families, they really ought to take a look at these trends.

Unknown said...

Rainier Beach High School took 1st place in the M.E.S.A. Math Olympiad this last Saturday.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Thanks Theo, I'll add it to the list.