Another Board Community Meeting

Here's one more Board member community meeting:

Kay Smith-Blum's community meeting:
Sat, Sept 25th, 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Douglas Truth Library, 23rd and Yesler
Tracy Libros and Nancy Coogan will also be in attendance to answer questions around the new student assignment plan.


wsnorth said…
If I was Dr. Libros I would go into hiding. In fact, if my employer made me implement something as messed up as NSAP (and go to meetings and outright lie about it), I'd probably quit if I could afford to. Actually, I'd probably quit anyway, as I couldn't live with myself.
Joy said…
WS North-

If you are referring to the mess in West Seattle, Blame Sundquist. If he had not appropriated Cooper for Pathfinder, there wouldn't be kindergartners in rusty portables in West Seattle North. They would be sitting in CLASSROOMS at Cooper. How do you close a neighborhood's school when you know you KNOW that you are going to a neighborhood school plan the following year? I am hoping one day we in West Seattle can celebrate Steve Sundquist day much like the British celebrate Guy Fox Day. But I absolutely agree with you, I couldn't live with myself either. I can't look at either of them anymore...
uxolo said…

Special guests at tonight's PTSA General Meeting include:

Seattle School Board Director, Kay Smith-Blum
Executive Director of Schools, Nancy Coogan
Director of Planning and Enrollment, Tracy Libros

The adverse impact the new enrollment plan has had on our building
is significant and compounding. Some of the issues include:

*Overcrowding (no authority to set capacity limits)
*Lack of teachers, counselors, security, maintenance, and administrative staff.
*Reduced choices for course of study for students
*Impact on school culture and success

Tonight. 7pm in the Commons (just inside the main entrance).
District leaders who care want to hear your experience and concerns
about this issue.

Nancy Coogan and Tracy Libros will also be at Kay Smith-Blum's
community meeting on Saturday Sept 25th at the Douglas Truth Library
(23rd and Yesler) beginning at 10am.

Attend one or both of these important meetings.

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