What Does It Mean? (Or Is a Cigar Just a Cigar?)

In the Superintendent's overview of the last two years as presented at the last Board meeting, there's one interesting and somewhat odd slide. I call it that because it seems a little defensive, a little cheerleader-ish and somewhat Joan of Arc all rolled into one. It says:

We have...
  • the right strategy;
  • the right team;
  • the right time, and
  • the right moral purpose, shared commitment and drive to deliver on a promise of
Excellence for All.

I do understand publicly stating what you are doing, that you know where you want to get to and know how to do it. You rally the troops and inspire people. (Of course, when you read the whole Powerpoint as Dr. G-J does, it's not as exciting.)

It does confuse me a bit because I'm not sure what "the right time" means. Does it mean the right amount of time? It's the right time to get something done (and if so, why)? I also am a little troubled by "moral purpose". Is that a nod to education being the next civil right? Is it a nod to some higher power?

And then, maybe I'm overthinking it but it just struck me that she (or someone in Communications) felt it important to put this in the presentation.


Sarah said…
She is a pretty good cheer leader for herself.
Jet City mom said…
Melissa, I'm afraid that the Clinton administration changed the meaning of a cigar, is just a cigar.

I have taken that " right time" to mean that for an African American woman to become superintendent of an urban district- it is easier now, than say twenty years ago. (And that MGJ feels she is the " right" person to do so, because the others in the pool declinedl)

I can't stand powerpoint & reading them emphasizes that the board can't read for themselves- but I get a slimish feel from that slide. I hear a lot of patting themselves on the back, and the refusal to ask any ?'s, because they already came out with an answer and the first answer has to be the right one, because they said so.
ParentofThree said…
We have the "right shared commitment."

Really? Says who?

The teachers, with their vote of no-confidence?

The community who email board members with concerns?

The countless people who sign up and try in three minutes to convey their concerns about the direction that SPS is taking?

Who exactly is she sharing this commitment with anyway?

And the "right moral purpose" is just laughable given the unethical "party" that the super threw last spring.

Overall, this is just another example of arrogance we see from MGJ and says to me that any community engagement she is embarking on is just for show.

But we all know that anyway.
Unknown said…
The current board and superintendent certainly helped promote excellence for our child. If not for their poor management and for Discovering Math we probably wouldn't be making the sacrifice to send her to private school. We are so happy with our daughter's school and I guess we are a little thankful that the school district has given us so many good reasons to send her there.
SolvayGirl said…
@ Sean…
I'm in exactly the same place. I attended a Parent Rep meeting at my daughter's private school today and was astounded at the commitment the school has to communicate with and respond to parents and students. The financial sacrifice is more than worth it.

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