Questions to the Board and District

One of our readers (I'm sorry I've forgotten who) suggested a link for a list of questions that you yourself have submitted to either the Board or district staff. If you have sent a question in the last months or so, please send it to me ( I'll start a list at the "links" section on the right-hand side of the SSS page.

Also, if you got an answer, please put that with your question (even if it is vague or didn't answer your question fully).

The idea is to keep track of what has been asked to staff and what we hear back.



seattle citizen said…
I have a question:
Board: Please tell us what you know of the Broad Foundation, what communication there has been between the Broad Foundation and youselves (including, but not limited to, the Broad representative Don McAdams who led your retreat), and what Broad agenda items do you agree with, which do you disagree with?

I also ask, Board: What communications have you had with US Dept of Ed. representatives? What have they asked, what have they promised?

And, Board: What is your explanation of the fact that the superintendent still sits on the Board of NWEA, even though that company makes millions selling SPS the MAP test?
seattle citizen said…
I have another question: In today's paper (Gates Foundation focuses on college graduation, it was announced that the Gates Foundation will give money to increase college graduation rates for low-income students and students of color. "The grants announced Monday are for aligning academic standards between high school and college, strengthening data systems, implementing early assessment and college prep strategies and creating support systems to help students get through school."

Question to the Board: Are you aware of this initiative, and has anyone from Administration and/or the Gates Foundation, the Dept of Ed, or the Broad Foundation discussed this with the Board or with Board members? As the money is to align HS standards with college, and use "data," we can assume that Gates/Broad/Duncan et al have discussed this alignment with our district, particularly in light of national standards being developed in core subjects.

Is the Board aware of these initiatives to align K-16, to use "data" K-16?

As with my above question, I want to know what is being discussed by Seattle, Dept of Ed, Gates and Broad, city and state officials and others, about these substantial changes to education (K-12 and K-16) behind closed doors? Please inform your bosses (us) of any all conversations with any of the above entities about these "reforms."
Robin Lofstrom said…
I have just recently asked the board to explain why K-8 schools are not funded in such a way as to pay for a full-time librarian, when such schools contain two distinct programs, and need the FTE at 100%.
Anonymous said…
I'll dig some up this weekend, but I want to remain anon. I have some interesting stuff.

Signed: I'll get back to you on that.
SP said…
This is a great idea- kind of like the SSS' own version of District Q&A's, but with "feet on the ground" questions.

Imagine- It would be like being able to sit in a district meeting all together asking questions & hearing the answers, rather than being forced into the little break-out groups so you can not hear other people's questions or learn from the answers.

In itself, it might even inspire some accountability rather than just generating fluff answers? (we can always hope!).
Charlie Mas said…
Questions for the Board:

1. When are you going to insist upon getting annual performance reports that speak to the quality and efficacy of District programs as required by Board Policy? These reports are absolutely necessary for you to fulfill your governance duty to oversee the District.

2. What is a higher budget priority than Response to Intervention? What do you have to do that is more important and more urgent that getting support to struggling students?
Charlie Mas said…
How will the Board follow up on commitments made to the Board and the community by staff? If staff says that they will bring the Board a report, how will the Board follow up to make sure they get that report? If the staff commit to some community engagement, how will the Board follow up to confirm that the community engagement was done?
seattle citizen said…
oops, I just relaized this was for questions I HAVE ALREADY asked the board, not questions I'd LIKE to ask the board (tho' that might be another thread)

Blog admins, please feel free to delete my posts to this thread, in the interest of being on-topic. Including this post.

Thank you, and sorry!
Joe said…
What are you doing to prevent real talent drain? From what I can see, the best, the brightest, and the most experienced people that SPS had working for them have started to leave (in order in my opinion, David Tucker, Shannon McMinimee, Fred Stephens). Recent hires have an air of nepositsm (hiring CRT's husband) or are obviously grossly incompetent (Wanda Brown). You only have one Phil Brockman, and so far, only Nancy seems to have potential to keep pace with him as an Ed Director. Is this on your radar screen?
cascade said…
Where is the cost savings transportation report promised for this fall?

What is the date, yes an actual date, at which we will have a review of the new student assignment plan enrollment problems and suggestions for addressing them. We were told last year it would happen this year.

Where is the alt school audit?

What happened to the review of the now-split elementary APP program? I thought they were going to try it for a year then report on successes and failures arising from the split.

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