Update on "Welcome Back" Regional Meetings

Just to let you know, the Regional Meetings will have something of a focus. Dr. Enfield will be presenting the new regional structure to parents and introducing the Executive Director for each region and staff representatives of each school in the region. There will language translation at all the meetings (with more languages represented in the Central and SE). There is no childcare available but there will be some coloring supplies available if you do bring your child.

I can't say a lot about the other Executive Directors (I don't know them except for Michael Tolley and he came with Dr. Goodloe-Johnson) but the NE lucks out with Phil Brockman. Phil was a terrific principal at Ballard High and he is someone who will listen to parents. So he will be at the first meeting of the regional meetings this Monday the 20th at Eckstein at 6:30.

This is all good as I think for most parents these folks were largely invisible and it's important to know who they are and what they do. One thing that makes me a little uneasy was this line:

The majority of the meeting will be devoted to informal interactions between families and district and school leaders.

I hope it will be "informal" and not facilitated. I think each new Executive Director should be open and available for any and all questions. As well, I hope that the Superintendent and Dr. Enfield will also be open and available to questions as well since it may not be possible for many parents/guardians to go to the Coffee Chats with the Superintendent. This might be the only time some people can ask Dr. Goodloe-Johnson questions.


dan dempsey said…
If two way communication is a goal ... as in finding out what the public thinks, then additional meetings are needed. Each Executive Director could schedule additional regional meetings, which MGJ & CAO need not attend.

Given the limited time for coming MGJ chats ... it seems that MGJ is not interested in answering many questions from the public ... Look at the last three years for a guide to MGJ communication.
peonypower said…
Just to let you know one of the new directors is Brianna Dusseault- who is straight from the Center on Reinventing Public Education - she is a charter school researcher who is interested in "turn around" schools. Sorry to report- yet another deformer reformer has been hired by the district.
Maureen said…
staff representatives of each school in the region

I'm not sure what the point of this is. If you want to talk to your own principal, why not do it at your own school? What is the point of having access to staff reps from schools your kid does not attend? Well maybe the HSs, or even the MSs, since people are headed there, but otherwise just let the staff stay at their school and get their work done.
Eric M said…
The regional director for the Northwest is - woops - India beat me to it!

Why would a charter school advocate be in THIS JOB????


Jeez, the fun never stops with the Broadies.
Teachermom said…
The one year (2007-2008) that Bree or Brianna Dussealt was principal of Arthur Ashe Charter School (used to be called New Orleans Charter Middle) in New Orleans, there was a 46% out of school suspension rate, and only 15% of the teachers were highly qualified. At least, that is what it looks like here:


Please, someone tell me I have this wrong.
Teachermom said…
If that address did not work, go to


and look for the report on charter schools.
Sahila said…
Eric - you arent seriously asking this question are you????

The reason a charter school advocate is being put in this job is to be ready for the charter school law to come in next legislative session and to open the doors to the first charter schools... you've got to soften up people and pave the way and that takes some pre-planning and initial moves....
mirmac1 said…
Shoot, shoulda read these comments yesterday. Went to a meeting last night with the exec directors. Small group, very informal. Very impressed with Nancy Coogan. Tolley didn't say much. Brockman neither but struck me as most sincere. Lora and Dusseault were concerning, however.

The E.D.s were asked to talk a little about their background. Man, the messianic fervor in Dusseault's eyes was scary. The whole social justice, "I've seen what reform can do!" kinda thing. She owns the New Orleans "miracle". Lora was Harvard this Harvard that. Plus these two look like student teachers to me. The others are grizzled veterans (sorry Nancy)so I think they'll do well. They said their role is professional development of principals. They are to have site offices in their areas.
Anonymous said…
Regarding Ed Directors - Nancy Coogan was at a Queen Anne Elementary Community Meeting last night. I was also very impressed with her candor, the way she listened and responded to parents.

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