Blocked Comments

There have been several readers unhappy about blocked comments. Please understand that Charlie and I are not doing this. Blogspot has its own spam blocker and we cannot disable it. (Really.)

Why this is happening now, I don't know and I will report it to them. Charlie and I each check the blog several times a day and we will try to make sure each time to check the spam folder.


seattle citizen said…
I appreciate that I have never been blocked on this blog, even when I say dumb things are say it in a way that makes it seem that I'm attacking people. Or even when I attack people. Sometimes I'm an idiot.

But I've never been blocked, as opposed to "Our" Schools Coalation, which moderates what few comments they evidently get, and blocks me continuously now.

Yes, I can be a blowhard and maybe a jerk sometimes. But I think they just don't want to hear opposing viewpoints, or at least not viewpoints to cut too close to the core.

For instance, when they posted about their upcoming showing of "Waiting for Superman," I commented, informing the public of the upcoming showing of "Race to Nowhere" which NOVA is hosting.

Their blog, methinks, is merely a rah-rah propaganda piece for their cause.

Speaking of OSC, I find it refreshing that Karen Waters is cited as OSC's spokesperson on the recent Crosscut story. I guess they're not abashed at all that their "coalition" is run by a marketing strategist that has ties to Gates, et al.

At any rate, thank you, SaveSeattleSchools for allowing me to rant and rave, and occasionally maybe get a sensible word in, without censoring my voice. I appreciate that this is an open forum.

Hope your spam filter issues get fixed! Everybody now: "Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam! Wonderful spam, spam spam!"

WV uses nouns, adjectives, and pherbes.
Patrick said…
Several times you've referred to WV. Who or what is that? Child? Spouse? West Virginia?
Charlie Mas said…
WV is the Word Verification that you have to type in to prove you're not a spambot when leaving a comment.

My WV for this comment is "prebeli" which sounds like something just about to be beautiful in Italy.
seattle citizen said…
Prebeli, Charlie, is the slight softness appearing amongst the taught stomach muscles of those young adults with a fondness for beer.
Sahila said…
SC - taut belly muscles?
seattle citizen said…"taught," as in taught through regular workout to be six-pack abs?

Right you are, "taut"!

Eye aired, a lass. Blame untaught brain muscle!
Sahila said…
me, I blame it on a lack of caffeine! and perimenopausal fog... which I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy!

Oh, and being disoriented and discombobulated living between two houses at the moment...

Been telling people our new address is Forest Lake, when I really mean Lake Forest Park! Forest Lake is an outlying suburb in Brisbane - what kind of a Freudian slip is that!!!
hschinske said…
And Brisbane isn't even in WA!

Helen Schinske, who is always getting confused by Australian friends who write WA when they mean Western Australia

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