Seattle Times Truth Needle

For the upcoming elections, the Seattle Times is running a feature called The Truth Needle. The Seattle Times political team investigates the claims of candidates and campaigns and renders an opinion on whether the claims are true or false.

I have submitted the claims, by SchoolsFirst!, that the supplemental levy is needed to restore cuts to the District budget resulting from reduced support from the State.

While I am fairly confident that any comparison between the budget cuts and the planned spending for the levy revenue will disprove the claim, I am much less confident that the Seattle Times will choose to examine the claim.

I think it would be helpful if a number of other people also suggested that the Truth Needle review this claim by SchoolsFirst! (and other levy supporters). You can submit a claim for review from the Truth Needle web page.


lendlees said…
Does anyone know of an anti-levy group that would be willing to come speak at a PTSA meeting? The meeting is next Wednesday (9/29).

Charlie Mas said…

Contact Dorothy through the opposition blog.
Lendlees , contact me at
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