Really, Final Warning

Despite having explained that this blog doesn't accept Anonymous comments, there are still some coming up. Sometimes I can tell that it's someone new to the blog so I give them a one-day pass. But our policy is stated right at "Leave Your Comment" so no more.

To be clear, if you write something Anonymously, sooner or later, it will be deleted. Probably sooner. Also, while I don't particularly like signing at the END of the comment, I'll let it go. At least people reading comments will be able to refer back to your comment.

Also, hijacking threads. We have also provided for a way for you to let us know about interesting articles or thoughts.

The first way is to e-mail me at As you may have noticed, I do put up other people's ideas. Sometimes it takes a day or so but I check that address every day in case something burning is in there.

The second way is at Open Thread Friday.

(Of course, if there is breaking news, sure put it in on any new thread.)

I noted this morning that the Garfield PTSA thread had 3 off-topics in it. If your comment is not on topic, it may be deleted.

This is NOT to exercise censorship but to keep the threads on point. I personally find it distracting and I know that for others they have limited time and do not want to read comments not related to the thread title. (I do realize that some topics are broader so they can be expanded and that's okay.)

Carry on and stay calm.


Patrick said…
I don't understand why the anonymous comment function is enabled at all. It's not that hard to make a separate identity just for commenting on this blog, for people who don't want to identify themselves with an existing Google account.
John S said…
I'm curious about that myself. Can you disable "Anonymous" and leave the others active? The "Name\URL" option works fine for people who don't want to set up an account somewhere.
Like this!
No, we can't disable the Anonymous. Some of what Blogger does is in their hands.
Jan said…
Melissa: thanks for being willing to leave anonymous comments if they have names at the end. Like Patrick, I don't understand why people don't use the name/url feature -- and just leave their emails out -- but some of those comments are good ones, and I have learned from reading them.

As for "off topic" stuff -- I try, but suspect I have been guilty (haven't gone back to confirm it, but I am sure I have just "followed" arguments or discussions and -- at a minimum -- contributed to it). But some of those threads ALSO have valuable comments and information. Any chance of "moving" those comments to the Friday open thread? Or am I asking for way too much "babysitting" from busy people with higher priorities?

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