CityClub Event - The Best Teachers for Our Students

Friday, September 30, 2011
Education Series: The Best Teachers for Our Children
Town Hall - Downstairs | 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle
Registration: 11:30 a.m. | Program: 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Register online or call 206-682-7395

Jesse Hagopian, Founding Member, Social Equality Educators; History Teacher, Garfield High School
Erin Jones, Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement, Washington State OSPI
Margit E. McGuire, PhD; Program Director, Master in Teaching Program; College of Education, Seattle University
Tom Stritikus, Dean and Professor in Curriculum & Instruction, University of Washington College of Education
Deborah Wilds, President and COO, College Success Foundation; Co-chair, High School to College Working Group, CCER

Moderator: Phyllis Fletcher, Reporter, KUOW 94.9 FM

Ensuring we have the best teachers for our children is a goal we all agree with, but what combination of traits, training, and evaluation ensures the best path forward? According to the United Way of King County, more than half of Washington's children are not ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten, and many start school as much as two years behind their peers in language and learning skills.

What training can we provide to ensure teachers are prepared for modern challenges? How can we elevate the status of the teaching profession to be sure the pipeline is filled with stellar applicants? Is better compensation the key? How does the traditional gold standard of a master in education degree compare with alternative models? Is there a place for both? What ongoing professional development should be provided to ensure teachers are up to date with the latest trends and are supported to prevent burnout? What are the best benchmarks for teacher evaluation and in deciding who to hire and fire? Join us with your own questions for a frank discussion of one of the most critical and controversial issues facing educational reform.

Thanks to our:

Forum Co-presenting Organizations: Alliance for Education, College Success Foundation, League of Education Voters, University of Washington College of Education, University of Washington College of Social Work, and Stand for Children.


CT said…
How nice that it’s in the middle of the workday when I’LL BE TEACHING.
But given the organizations responsible for presenting, that’s probably exactly why they did it that way.
Anonymous said…
Tom Strikius keeps showing up like Sarah Palin. This sounds like another unfortunate waste of time,
pretending to be an event.

In, the meantime, the best teachers for our schools will alreading be in their classrooms,
doing the trenchwork.

--adding insult to injury
Anonymous said…
Could be interesting. Dr. McGuire testified before the Board against TFA, as did Jesse Hagopian.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Jesse Hagopian is a Seattle teacher. Because we have a UNION, we have bargained to receive ONE personal day per year (allowed to take them as 2 days every 2 years). My daughter got married last year so I have taken my 2 personal days for the biennium. Otherwise, I would consider attending this interesting sounding event.

Anonymous said…
Another blather fest.

Instead of just the broad gates walton toadies, at least there is a teacher.

In some corners of the world, especially education, the more important the credentials of the attendees means the more important the blather fest.

How many laws are written and how much policy is written at blather fests? How many are converted to do the hard work of affecting legislation and affecting policy at blather fests? How many deliverables are decided upon at blather fests? Typically not too much, as each side has their lovers of blather fest nodding in agreement during the psuedo High School U.N., and nodding typically doesn't accomplish much more than nodding.

How many blather fest aficionados organized those thousands of phone calls, letters to the editor and letters to legislators when that obscure Oly board of rubber stamping rubber stamped Seattle's TFA application? Opps! There weren't thousands of anything!

But! Wait! There were people who went to the Oly board of rubber stamping, and they were some of the same ol same ol activists who do the hard work of chasing down the rabbit holes all the disappearing forms and mysterious processes!

So it is in the middle of the work day ...

Gouda said…
Jesse Hagopian proclaims to be a good teacher, but what evidence do we have that he actually is one?

My daughter was in one of his AP classes last year. He failed to teach any of the the curriculum and talked about himself and his accomplishments all year long.

He had no classroom management skills and knew nothing about his students. He failed to provide rigor or any significant measure of learning.

I'm so over him.
Poor Jesse Hagopian having to take on all those people.
StopTFA said…
Obsure Olympia rubberstamping boards that support TFA's expansion to the point of helping them shop for a university partner.

Jennifer and Janis are BFFs!
StopTFA said…
Obscure regulators who ask KIPP and TFA for advice.

Instructional leaders don't need to know how to teach!
CT said…
TFA reminds me of a virus - so they've now managed to infiltrate the epidermis (gov't) levels of WA State. They've probably already written their own legislative action making them official and further diluting the teaching ranks of Washington State with unqualified teachers (albeit it young and enthusiastic! for 2 years!) I guess I'll be writing my state reps again....

The more TFA pushes, the more I can't stand them. Again, why do they need to push and "sell" their product if they supposedly do such great work? If there wasn't a problem, they wouldn't need to sell it.
Anonymous said…
The comparison to Palin is not too far off the mark...


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