More School Board Endorsements

From the 43rd Dems:
- endorsed Sharon Peaslee over Peter Maier
- endorsed Sherry Carr over Kate Martin (this was Sherry's district)
- no endorsement in Position 6 (Marty McLaren vs Steve Sundquist)
- had previously endorsed Michelle Buetow and voted to contribute to her campaign

From the 36th Dems:
- endorsed Sharon Peaslee over Peter Maier (this was his district)
- endorsed Kate Martin over Sherry Carr
- endorsed Michelle Buetow (I believe this, too, was a previous endorsement)
- no endorsement in Position 6

Both districts voted, by wide margins, to endorse the Families & Education Levy.


dan dempsey said…
43rd Dems: appear to be old school with some of their endorsements =>
Power Politics trumps an evidence based evaluation of the candidates records and stands on the issues.

SAO's office reports make it really difficult to believe any of those up for reelection should be endorsed. Those candidates' records since Enfield assumed command are hardly any better.

These folks regularly disregard policies, laws, and evidence ... so on what grounds can the 43rd base an endorsement of Sherry Carr ... that looks about as sound as Reuven Carlyle's endorsement of Maier ... Apparently all this is based in an ongoing belief in fairy-tales.
Anonymous said…
Michelle Buetow was endorsed on Wednesday by the 36th along with Peaslee and Martin--there just wasn't a vote tally in her race because she got well over the required 50 percent support. The other races were closer, so they had to count votes.

ws1 said…
Marty deserves their support. We need someone who will listen objectively to the community and actually try to help in their constituent area (i.e. West Seattle).

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