Oh Those Kids at The Stranger Slog!

I almost am not sure whether to post this - the sense of humor out there seems thin lately. 

But it's funny in an irreverent way and I hope the candidates take it that way.  (And I may like it because I didn't get skewered.)


Charlie Mas said…
There were two other stories in the Slog, one by Goldy and one by Cienna Madrid.

There was also a story in the Times.
CT said…
Is it a sad commentary on the state of the Seattle Times when I find more balance and factual information in The Stranger's Slog? At least they (Slog) are up front about their biases, unlike the ST, which tries to hide their agenda behind the guise of journalism.
Paul said…
Well, first off, on the Times: what a relief to have someone besides Linda Shaw reporting on education in Seattle. Its only a matter of time before Linda gets a job with Strategies 360nas thats the way this world operates.

Second, I was appaled by the sexist treatment of Michelle B. in the photo's and text. Regardless of voting, the people responsible for posting that tone should be ashamed.
RosieReader said…
Paul -- Can you explain what struck you as sexist? The photos aren't showing up on the Seattle Times website, but I can't see anything in the text that struck me as sexist.

Or perhaps you're referring to the Stranger? In which case, I think Melissa's comment about the width of the sense of humor these days seems right on.
Anonymous said…
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Charlie Mas said…
I absolutely agree with Appalled that these sorts of stereotypes should not be continued.

Of course, Kate is angry, Michelle is pretty, Peter is a nebbish (not a mensch), and, since Appalled mentioned it, Harium is slow and dull.

We should not feed stereotypes, but neither should we allow the fear of feeding stereotypes from acknowledging truths about individuals.

So Kate is angry, but it is Kate who is angry and she is angry in her own way for her own reasons - not in the style of some group of angry women.

Peter is a nebbish, but not as a representative of a legion of nebbishes, but only as his own nebbishy self. His character reflects only on him, not on his culture.

Harium is slow and dull, but it is Harium, and not all of the diverse communities he represents, who is slow and dull. It is a personal trait, not a hereditary one.

By the way, in the linked story the candidates were cast in roles from "Little Shop of Horrors" and Sherry Carr was cast as Audrey II, the insatiably hungry plant that eats people. That was the un-kindest association of them all.
I guess I was taking it as a joke on Little Shop of Horrors characters and not on the candidates themselves.
mirmac1 said…
Well at least they're not like the Times that shoots the incumbents in soft focus and photoshops dunce caps on the challengers' heads.
Anonymous said…
it was funny, i'm glad you posted it. (and you were smart to add the disclaimer up front!)

Anonymous said…
Mocking people based on how they look in unflattering photo's and not on the content of their characters, is offensive.

Using words like menopausal coupled with "legy" shots of candidate Beutow is sexist.

Were the slog to feature (and they wouldn't dare) photos of Harium with comments about his race, color hue, etc., would cause a public outrage.

I am outraged at the slog NOT anything Melissa or this blog said.

WenD said…
Without reading The Stranger (with pictures), I'm wondering who was cast as Audrey II. One name immediately comes to mind, which probably makes me a bad person somewhere because no matter how egotistical this person is, you can't compare them to a carnivorous orchid. Can you?

I trust The Stranger more than I'll ever trust the Times. The Times reminds me of a dysfunctional school. The staff on one floor work for the greater good while the staff on the other floor do bad; rarely do they meet in the middle.
WenD said…
@Charlie: Sherry Carr as Audrey II? That isn't accurate, even for satire.
ArchStanton said…
It wasn't that funny, but that's what passes for fluff/filler at the Stranger. The Times just has cute pics and heartwarming stories about kids and puppies.
dan dempsey said…
Speaking of the Stranger and difference between life as an activist versus a director.

In 2007 the Stranger recommended Steve Sundquist over Maria Ramirez and I in the West Seattle primary.

It stated that I was "an unhinged bomb thrower" .... looks like all the candidates in the pool may have gotten off easier in 2011.
Anonymous said…
Charlie, If Harium is going to throw down the race card four times in one debate, then perhaps he is trying to represent a community of color and position himself as a diversity advocate. Which is a pretty big stretch for Harium, but that's another blog thread.

After Harium's debate performance "cute" comments re:race from The The Stranger Slog might be expected. But The Kids won't do it because they'd get their butts kicked. It's sad that they don't worry about getting their butts kicked for posting sexist, misogynistic comments.

Feel free to add "bullshit" to this thread's description keywords.

In The Audience
Anonymous said…
And I found the Seattle PI article to be confusing and nearly fact free.


SolvayGirl said…
I think it was Carr's green shirt that earned her the comparison to Audrey II...as Goldy said, he was "running out of characters."
dan dempsey said…
Good thing Steve was not there... yet another character would have been needed.

Hope the family health situation is turning out OK.

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