Seattle Times Live Chat Flops

The Seattle Times Opinion page hosted a live chat today on Education and their latest brainstorm slogan "3to23". How nice to have another slogan.

The live event was at noon on a Thursday, a time that makes it difficult for working people to participate. Teachers, in particular, had no real opportunity to be part of the big event.

You can read the transcript on the Times web site, but it's hard to follow. Things seem to come out of order and people seem to be answering questions before the questions are asked. The moderator asks one person to answer but someone else does instead. There's one participant who just keeps typing "Lynne" and nothing more.

It took me a while to figure it all out, but it boils down to this. The only participation the Times got from the public came from two trolls, "Coffee Joe" and "taxedtoomuch". In the absence of any other participants, the panel had to discuss the trolls' questions. Awkward. The thing was complete flop.

I think this utter failure accurately reflects the credibility of the Seattle Times editorial board when it comes to education issues. I hope they take the hint.


Anonymous said…
That's funny I hope they take the hint......not everyone knows when to take the hint.....funny

-Mike H
Anonymous said…
It wasn't a complete waste. At least they had the time to clean lint out of their belly buttons.


Charlie Mas said…
From the comments on the failed "live chat event":

"We had quite a few participants, including those whose questions were not posted because we ran out of time. I'm pondering posting them anyway. Our panel is willing to do follow up for anyone who wants it.

And no need to wait for the next chat. Email me anytime at if you have questions. thanks again!

Three points (as Chris Jackins would say):

1. If they had lots of questions, why did they select for discussion the questions from trolls posted in the comments? Interesting choices. Perhaps the all of the other questions they received were not to their liking.

2. I'm surprised to read that Ms Varner is inviting questions from the public on education because, so far as I know, she refuses to discuss education issues with anyone who disagrees with her.

3. I strongly encourage folks to take Ms Varner up on her offer and send her questions anytime. Let's see the responses we get.

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