WSPTA Legislative Assembly

The Washington State PTA will consider 18 proposals at the Legislative Assembly on October 19 and 20 at the SeaTac Marriott Hotel.

From the WSPTA:

WSPTA’s ADVOCACY PROGRAM: Each fall, Washington State PTA votes on a priority platform; this then guides our legislative advocacy in the state. The process started last June when members submitted 20-some proposals for consideration. Some were merged, others reworked. In July, the legislative committee reviewed and forwarded to the board of directors those that align with PTA’s body of positions and that advance our work on behalf of all children.
Last night, the board made its final decisions; in all, it will forward 18 issues for delegates to consider Oct. 19 and 20 at WSPTA’s annual Legislative Assembly.

This year we are starting a new 2-year cycle with all-new issues. Delegates will first vote on whether to place an issue on the platform; then delegates will vote on a Top 5. More staff time and resources go to Top 5 priorities.

SURVEY SOON: Our annual issues survey will be sent out shortly; members whose email addresses have been registered with the state office will receive a link to the online survey directly. Local PTAs, PTSAs and councils will also want share the online survey with members, particularly newly enrolled ones. The survey is intended to gather feedback for delegates and spread awareness of the issues. It is not a voting mechanism and it is not a poll.

NEW THIS YEAR - BLOG: We have created a Legislative Assembly blog where members can find policy papers on each of the issues as well as general news about Legislative Assembly. As with Grassroots Connection, members can share posts via Facebook, websites and via email. Our hope is to spread awareness of the proposed issues, make the process more interactive, and get more members engaged in the process of turning great ideas into great policies and practices that support all Washington children.
Budget and Funding
Fund Education FirstComplete Solution for K-12 FundingRevenue for Kids
Equity and Access
Access, Opportunity and Equity for Special EducationClosing the Opportunity GapsAccess to Algebra in Middle School
Instructional Support
Universal Access to Fully Prepared, Effective TeachersInstructional Support for English Language LearnersTraining to Support Highly Capable LearnersScreening and Instruction of Struggling Readers
Safety Issues
School Zone SignageNeighborhood Safe Speeds
Positive learning environments
Positive Behavior Interventions and SupportSocial Emotional Learning: Don’t SEL Our Kids Short
System Changes
Advance Basic Education ReformsAccess to Quality Early LearningGreat Family Engagement in Every SchoolStandards-Based Grading
Washington State PTA – made up of every local PTA and PTSA in the state as well as regional councils – was established as an advocacy organization more than 100 years ago. Our vision is that every child’s potential becomes a reality. Our mission is to make PTA a powerful voice for all children; a relevant resource for families and communities; and an advocate for the well-being and education of all children.


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