SPS Receives Big Award for Family Engagement

From SPS Communications:

Seattle Public Schools has been awarded a 2012 Partnership District Award from the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University.  SPS was honored for making excellent progress in developing its leadership on partnerships and for guiding schools to develop goal-oriented programs of school, family and community partnerships.

“Seattle Public Schools is demonstrating that research-based approaches can be used to make every school a welcoming place and to improve student attendance, behavior, achievement, and high school graduation rates,” said Dr. Joyce L. Epstein, Director of NNPS.

Seattle Public Schools, a member of NNPS, received the award after providing detailed descriptions and evidence of specific strategies for helping schools improve their partnership programs to support school improvement goals.  Essential elements of district leadership on partnerships include teamwork, systemic approach, leadership, and Family Engagement Action Team goal-linked plans for action, innovation, implementation, facilitation, evaluation and network connections.

“Parent and family involvement play a key role in our efforts to ensure that all Seattle Public Schools students succeed in school and life,” said Seattle Public  Schools Superintendent José Banda.  “One of my top priorities is working to build stronger relationships with our families and the greater Seattle community, and this award indicates that we are making significant progress in that effort.”

Bernardo Ruiz, who oversees the District’s School Family Partnerships effort, said: “It is with great honor and humility that we accept the prestigious NNPS 2012 Partnership District Award from Johns Hopkins University. This recognition motivates us to continue improving and innovating our School Family Partnerships program so that we can more meaningfully assist our diverse families and our schools in increasing the academic achievement of our students.”

 Congrats to all the staff for this award but a huge shout-out to Bernardo Ruiz who works so very hard and always has a smile on his face.  He's one of the unsung heroes of our district.


mirmac1 said…
In my book Mr. Ruiz has been chameleon with situational ethics.
Anonymous said…
Oh, this really is ridiculous. At the various family engagement performances special needs families are constantly informed of this new change or that. All those translators standing by. All that earnest "listening."

But there is never any change at the building level. Ever.

Fed up

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