Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Teaching & Learning Needs Help Soon

In the category of "fix this and soon", comes news of who is heading T&L until a new person is hired.  Marni Campbell might be okay but I have never had much faith in Mr. Tolley (a MGJ holdover).  They need to get someone good and qualified and stat.

From SPS:

Dear Seattle Public Schools staff,

I am pleased to announce an interim leadership plan while we conduct a national search for an Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning and Executive Director of Curriculum and Instructional Support.

Executive Directors of Schools Michael Tolley and Marni Campbell will serve as co-Interim Assistant Superintendents for Teaching and Learning.  Michael and Marni will provide leadership in all areas of teaching and learning for the next several months. We do intend to fill the position of Executive Director of Curriculum and Instructional Support, and hope to announce an interim plan soon. I want to thank Kimberly Kinzer and Paul Robb for filling in for the last several weeks, after Wendy London’s departure from the District.

Michael will continue to supervise principals in the Southeast region and Marni in the Northwest region. We will be working with them to assure that they have additional support. Marni and Michael will divide responsibilities and partner closely on the work that needs to be completed. I cannot thank them enough for taking on this assignment.

With school starting tomorrow, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for your hard work. Last week we hosted an enrollment event and gave away more than 1,000 donated school supplies from the Office Depot Foundation. I was able to spend some time greeting our incoming families and students, and everyone is excited for the first day of school.

Again, a big “thank you” to Michael and Marni for providing leadership in Teaching and Learning for the next few months.


Anonymous said...
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Charlie Mas said...

I don't feel good about this.

Can we presume that as interim assistant superintendents they won't initiate anything long-term?

Anonymous said...

I am curious about what data supports a negative view of Michael Tolley's work? It seems that a number of secondary schools in the Southeast region (his purview) are experiencing significant improvements. At worst, he is not holding them back. At best, he may be supporting these improvements. Why the trepidation?

Southeast mom

Anonymous said...

Marni Campbell is the most ineffectual career ladder climber there has ever been.

Michael Tolley is an MGJ protege'. Perhaps he is a chameleon that conforms to whomever signs his paycheck. Does not give me reason to trust his judgment.


dan dempsey said...

On Michael Tolley:

(1) I read the Charleston equivalent of this blog. The only person many wished would have stayed when MGJ took her tribe with her was Michael Tolley. +1 for Tolley

(2) The horrible decision by the Board to spend $800,000 on New Technology network services at Cleveland had Tolley as point man. Repeatedly he was unable to answer questions asked by the board in regard to NTN. Enfield, Sunquist & Martin-Morris went to look at a New Tech STEM school in Sacramento.... upon arrival they came to realize there were no NTN STEM schools in CA. (Clearly research was just to difficult for MGJ, Enfield, Ferguson, & Tolley. ) -1 for Tolley

Anonymous said...

The good news. Marni Campbell will be back in charge of special ed. (Isn't that the only thing really "under" curriculum and instruction?) And she was great for special ed! Parents love her. Ask anybody.

Go Go

Charlie Mas said...

Michael Tolley runs the super-secret High School Steering Committee.

Michael Tolley hired the Urban League to provide services AFTER the Potter scandal exploded. The Urban League, once again submitted suspicious invoices exactly like the ones called out by the State Auditor. He approved them.

Michael Tolley personally delayed high school credit for classes taken in middle school for a year.

Michael Tolley NEVER gives opportunity for community engagement in any process he leads.

Michael Tolley set up the co-principal structure at Rainier Beach.

Michael Tolley doesn't give the board or the public straight answers to straight questions.

Michael Tolley misrepresents the new law on high school credit. He freely substitutes "mastery" for "proficiency" as if there is no difference between them.

Michael Tolley took a BIG raise when his title changed because, supposedly his responsibilities were increased, but he didn't take a pay cut when his territory was cut in half and his responsibilities were decreased.

Anonymous said...



Melissa Westbrook said...

"It seems that a number of secondary schools in the Southeast region (his purview) are experiencing significant improvements. At worst, he is not holding them back."

"At worst, he is not holding them back."

Well, there's a vote of confidence. When RBHS enrollment numbers go up as well as Aki Kurose, then I'll believe that "significant" improvement.

Mr. Tolley is something of a cipher. It is very hard to discern what he has been doing and maybe he's just a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. But I rarely hear his work referenced by other top administrators.

I didn't say anything negative about Mr. Tolley here so I'm surprised this came up.