Coming of Age with Autism; New KUOW Series

KUOW is launching a series of stories about young adults/teens coming of age who have autism. 

 It debuts Tuesday, November 13 with a call-in at 9:30 am (543-5869) or e-mail comments,

It's an inspiring series and one that hits close to home for me.  I think as the number of people who are on the autism spectrum grows that it's important to learn about their challenges and help them find acceptance in our society.  


Anonymous said…

No open thread until tomorrow so I thought I would post this here.

Charles V. said…
Caught the tail-end of the call-in part. Very powerful comments from one parent about the public perception and lack of understanding about autism. After reading the programs at the KUOW website what struck me was the uncharted course as kids who have been through these newer inclusion programs move into adulthood. Going to university and working, living independently, etc. I know there are many issues with special ed in Seattle public schools, but it appears to have made great strides.

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