Special Ed PTSA General Meeting This Week

Seattle Special Education PTSA
General Meeting

"Meeting Special Education Student Needs in General Education Classrooms"
featuring Dr. Bridget Walker
Assistant Professor in Seattle University's Master in Teaching Program

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
John Stanford Center, Room 2700
2445 3rd Ave. S., Seattle 98134

We have a fantastic program for you and for your child's teachers. Please invite them, and your friends! "Special Education Students are General Education Students First!" But when the rubber hits the road, with crowded classrooms, funding shortages, limited opportunities for teacher professional development, and parental questions about how to start a conversation with teachers, are our children's learning needs fully being met alongside their typically developing peers?

Dr. Walker, who works with school districts throughout the area on special education issues, offers practical, timely, cost-effective information for parents and teachers in differentiating instruction for the spectrum of student learning needs in general education classrooms. Q&A will follow.

Also scheduled: Updates on state legislation issues of interest to the special education community, as well as an SPS District update on its progress in reshaping the Special Education department.

The meeting will also provide you with an opportunity to renew your PTSA membership. Last year's membership expired at the end of October. Bring cash or a check. General membership fees are $14 and educator memberships are $10. Membership keeps our PTSA robust and enables our PTSA leaders to advocate for your interests.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing news of our community. Which actually is the same community as the general education students, even if not everyone realizes it.

Sped Mama

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