Go Roosevelt Rough Riders!

I had heard Roosevelt's football team was doing well this season but I had no idea they were playing for the quarterfinals today against the #1 team in the state, Skyline, current state champions.   The game is at 7 pm tonight at Memorial Stadium. 

It is the first time since 1195 that Roosevelt has been in the playoffs.  They were a powerhouse in the '60s. 

One issue is that Roosevelt, Garfield and Franklin joined KingCo league which are full of powerhouse teams that start playing in middle school. 


mirmac1 said…
Wow! 1195! That's quite a losing streak. : )
Maureen said…
Oh, mirmac beat me to it! :)

Go Roosevelt!
Hippy said…
Gladiators of the modern age. 67,000 diagnosed concussions in HS football last year. Female HS soccer 26,000. In fact girls get 68% more concussions in HS basketball than boys. Sports are good for kids but should we be reevaluating contact sports to keep our kids' brains healthy? Shouldn sports reward skill and teamwork and deempaszie aggression and force?
mirmac1 said…
I agree Hippy. They should be the Roosevelt Gentle Riders.
For those Roosevelt Gentle Riders. 6 Roosevelt Educators were awarded the World Affairs Council World Educators of the year for their work with Hands for a Bridge. There are good things happening at SPS and proud of it.
From the WFC website
Hands for a Bridge is the recipient of the 2012 World Educator Award in recognition of its dedication to increasing global awareness by fostering dialogue about issues surrounding social justice. Over the years, this program has transformed students into global citizens with the vision and resources to affect change in the world. Over the past ten years, Roosevelt High School families have opened their hearts and homes to youth ambassadors from Brazil, Serbia, Bosnia, and most recently, Myanmar/Burma
Hippy, it's football - it's about aggression and force.

We do have Ultimate which is the best sports for boys and girls which is all the good things.

What was that last sentence of mine>?

We do have Ultimate Frisbee which is all the good things sports should be for boys and girls.

Sigh. Long week.
Josh Hayes said…
I dunno, Melissa, I kinda liked the original sentence. It had a sweet bop vibe to it, and that's a lot like the game itself.

There are, of course, other options for non- or low-contact sports: tennis, volleyball...
Anonymous said…
There are plenty of injuries in Ulitmate. Our team has had more than one concussion in a year. And, there's often a lot of contact. Just because there's no referee doesn't mean there's no contact, or no aggression.

-ulitmate fan
dan dempsey said…
Concussions - concussions.....

I played HS Golf in the early 60s and we had no concussions. Yet there are those in the Ed Reform crowd that do question whether my brain has been damaged.

Even bicycle road racing has better helmets these days.

US Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, TX -Sunday - hopefully all drivers and spectators will be uninjured at the end.
mirmac1 said…

You've obviously never had a ball spiked in your face in co-ed volleyball. : b

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