Executive/Operations Agenda This Week

As previously noted, there is an Executive Committee meeting tomorrow morning.  Here is the agenda.   These agenda seem to be quite terse with topics like "government relations", "community engagement" and you have no idea what the specifics of that discussion might be.

They are going to be talking about audience participation at Board meetings so if you don't like either the new Board meeting start time and/or 2-minute limit, you might want to let Board members know this. (schoolboard@seattleschools.org)

There is to be an Executive Session of the Committee at the end of the meeting on "real estate matters".

The Operations Committee also has their agenda available.  Looks like they will be looking at:

- some capital issues including Genesee Hill. 
- Tracy Libros from Enrollment will be speaking on enrollment, child custody and district attendance area transfers as well as the student assignment plan for 2013-14. 
- short-term and intermediate term capacity management
- transportation service standards


mirmac1 said…
I see Transportation Service Standards is up for discussion in Operations. Should be interesting to see whether the high-powered Transportation Task Force recommends longer bus trips and different bell times...
Anonymous said…
Perfect storm for DeBell and his back door crap -

Arne's boss won, charters won - time to double all bets.

Anonymous said…
when are they going to put seat belts on those buses? I think its almost 50 years since cars had to have them.

Unknown said…
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