State of the Union Speech Tomorrow Night

President Obama will be delivering his State of the Union speech tomorrow night.  Here's what Diane Ravitch would like him to say about public education.

What would you like to hear President Obama say?


Christina said…
I would like to hear...

That DHS really has no mandate nor power to check and confiscate electronic data devices within 100 miles of the US border (that includes international airports and the coastline) and is overstepping its bounds.

That we honestly need not worry about tonight's nuclear test by North Korea.
David said…
I'd like to see focus on jobs and middle class prosperity. If you listen to what most economists are recommending, that means a lot more funding for education and infrastructure.
Patrick said…
That holding people incommunicado indefinitely without charging them or trying them is wrong. And it isn't any less wrong because we're holding them on Cuban soil that we leased instead of American soil.
Eric M said…
That he's replacing Arne Duncan with a proboscis monkey.
Josh Hayes said…
Aww, Eric, what do you have against monkeys? :)
Anonymous said…
I'd like hear what he thinks about the crowding at Eckstein. I hear it's a real problem.

-just kidding
Eric M said…
That's just it, Josh.
I LIKE monkeys.
Plus, they're at least good at something.
Just kidding, thanks for lightening the mood.

FYI, no, he is not replacing Arne Duncan. I had a conversation with two DOE folks last week and asked that question and Duncan is staying.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to hear him say something positive about teachers—especially the experienced ones already in the trenches. He needs to admonish the states for cutting education funding, and call for Congress to act to make a quality education a priority for all, from Pre–K through higher ed (and that includes technical and vocational training).

Solvay Girl
Anonymous said…
"Just like Ronnie Raygun, I've been a despicable liar for the 1%.

The little I've done under the guise of helping the little people won't help too many people with enough money to hire all kinds of lawyers, which means they're not little people and they don't need help.

Unlike Ronnie Raygun, I ran under the banner of the little guy's party. Unlike Ronnie Raygun, I'm going to renounce my citizenship in the cla$$ of rich pig butt kissers.

I'm going to FIRE all the despicable yuppie liars of the Democratic Leadership Council, Blue Dogs, New Dems & Third Way Dems, and I'm going to hire REAL leaders to fight for the bottom 80%+++ of us.

Those of you who are bigots and racists and sexist droolers - YOU have your party, it is the party of Lee Atewater, Karl Rove, Rush & Roger Ailes. Those of you who are in the top 20% and who are sell outs to rich pigs, whether you're drooling bigots or not, you have a party. Good riddance to all of you, the 80% of us are going to politically stomp you - now, tomorrow and forever."


mirmac1 said…

I want some of what you're having....

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