Sunday, March 09, 2014

Getting Organized for Public School Funding

Good article over at Crosscut by Lisa Arnold.  I love the way she starts with a nod to all that parents do to raise money for their schools. 

Selling cookie dough is good. Widespread, ongoing citizen action directed at the Washington State Legislature is better. 

She quotes me and I probably could have stated it better  about this issue.  Parents have and do want to advocate for fully funded schools but, in the absence of much movement in that direction (even with McCleary), parents hunker down for their child's school (and that's good and bless them).

She makes some good points about what does work in this advocacy recently around issues like the MAP boycott:

Each movement made a single, clear demand; was hard to ignore; and wouldn’t go away.

How can busy people who care about education create a focused, stubborn, cannot-be-ignored campaign that also overcomes the too-few -people and too-little-time barriers?  

She has some good advice especially this:

Victory comes more quickly when: 

a) your campaign members are determined to apply ongoing pressure for as long as it takes, and 
b) the other side knows it. 

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