Students First? If You Pay Enough

Michelle Rhee's group, Students First, has been trying to get more "likes" at Facebook.  Or rather, buying more "likes." 

From Big Education Ape blog:

 The most popular country for her Students First group is in Bangladesh?  Well, yes because...

Search on Facebook for "We Sell Likes in Bangladesh." You'll see that anyone can buy 1000 likes for about $15 bucks. (Click HERE to go buy likes or fake friends for yourself.) Click HERE to read an article that tells about the dishonest business of buying popularity on social media sites. 

The most popular city for the Alabama Students First?  Istanbul, Turkey. 


Anonymous said…
what a revelation. right on the heels of Pastor Mark over at mars Hill confessing to getting his book on the NYTimes best-seller list by buying copies himself. I wonder if Michelle sees herself as a prophet as well.

mirmac1 said…
Further illustrates how morally bankrupt Rhee and her Army of One are.
Anonymous said…
Here's an interesting article if you'd like to read more about this issue.

Po3 said…
I also thought of Driscoll's marketing ploy (and horrible tweets) that was revealed this week.


Catherine said…
In what world do these people live (Rhee, Driscoll, etc) that they think this information won't get out there? And do they think this won't reflect poorly on them?

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