Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scenes from Last Night's Board Meeting

Last night's Board meeting saw the honoring of four (!) SPS basketball championship teams.  (My apologies to Garfield's boys basketball team - I managed to flub my photos of them.)

Ballard High School Beavers -Special Olympics Unified Basketball Team

Cleveland High School Lady Eagles- 3A State Champs
Rainier Beach Vikings - 3A State Champions

The Superintendent in a demonstration of how much a middle school student would have to carry w/o a locker.
Later Start protesters before the meeting

Ballard High Video by Will Erstad, Aurore Bouriot and Side Johnson about needing more sleep.


mirmac1 said...

Our district should encourage more unified sports teams!

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome for the later start issue?


Anonymous said...

The video is hilarious. Well done, Clever Frog!


Melissa Westbrook said...

"From Start Later Seattle:
The Seattle School Board unanimously approved a resolution to conduct analysis and do community outreach to determine if start times should be flipped (elementary in earlier and secondary in later) for 2016-17.

The next step is to develop a timeline that will be presented at the board's June retreat (when they may again get back to the does this fit into the priorities question) and a vote on the timeline in July. Then the anlaysis and community engagment will take place with a report to the board no later than September 2015.

Director Carr said transportation plans need to be ready by September or October, therefore can't do a flip in 2015 if the report isn't complete until September 2015. I'm not clear why they can't work on a transportation plan by November 2014.

Director Blanford bought up the priorities discussion since it was bypassed by Deputy Superintendent Wright at the March retreat.

Director Peters asked Assistant Superintendent of Operations McEvoy if the anlaysis timeline could be moved up.

Director Peaslee said the board had heard from district staff that they needed the extra time to get the anlsyis work done and that's why the resolution needed the extension."

Anonymous said...

Hale has a unified soccer team. Currently, they are not part of the Sports Boosters organization but we are looking at adding them. It seems like they should be a part of the Sports Boosters. Other club teams like Lacrosse and Ultimate are a part of Hale Sports Boosters.


NorthernPikeDroneStrike said...

Ingraham has two Unified Soccer teams, the Blues and the Greys. Also, the Ingraham Rams Greys Special Olympics Basketball team also won their division's state championship. I will be looking into how I can get our teams involved in this.

mirmac1 said...

Go Raiders and Rams! : )