Thursday, March 06, 2014

What We Don't Measure By Testing (Tell Me Big Data-Where is this Listed?)

From the Maria Montessori page:


Anonymous said...

It's not measured by testing. That's why there are barely any counselors. Counselors are key to helping all students develop the list of personal strengths on this list.

The children are being robbed of a full education and taxpayers ought to be pissed. I don't think this is what the people of Seattle or Washington State want for our children.

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Anonymous said...

I would change the title of the list to

"Qualities that Cannot Be Measured"


"Qualities that Cannot Be Taught"


"Qualities that Are Not the Responsibility of Public Schools"


"Qualities that Should Be Instilled in the Home Rather Than School"

Big Data

Anonymous said...

Big Data,

Actually, many of these attributes are part of executive functioning, the frontal part of the brain that has been highly correlated with school and long-term achievement.

Like anything else, if they aren't taught at home, where should they be taught, especially when they have such a strong correlation with outcomes?

Look up the Marshmallow Test as an example.

--enough already