Saturday, March 08, 2014

Seattle Schools' Basketball Teams Advance to Championships

Congratulations to the Cleveland High School girls basketball team - now the 3A state champions!  They beat Bishop Blanchet High School, 54-45.

Congratulations to Garfield High School's  boys basketball team for winning the 4A state title overland Richland, 68-59!

Congratulations to Rainier Beach High School's boys basketball team for winning the 3A state title over Eastside Catholic, 47-45!  It is RBHS' third straight state title.  No other team in state history has won three titles in a row.

End of update.

All three Seattle schools won their basketball game last night and are playing in championship games today.

Good job and best wishes to the Cleveland girls basketball team, the Rainier Beach HS boys basketball team and the Garfield boys basketball team!

(The Garfield game went off without any incident from either side.  There had been concern about the issue of racially-charged tweets by a few ignorant Issaquah High students.)


Anonymous said...


(Was a bulldog for only one year, but still very happy me :-D)

Congrats kids, You guys are a CLASS ACT!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners! Have to give the tri-state Richland team a big nod for playing a tough game against our roster. Dreamland here, I would LOVE to see RB go head to head with Garfield....


Anonymous said...

Every TEAM is AWWESSOMMEE :-);-):-D

Congrats to Cleveland, Rainier Beach, Garfield. Champions all.