Internal Communications Specialist required

Seattle Public Schools has an interesting job posting. Here is a Facebook post about it:

Here is a link to the actual job posting.

I particularly like the part about "two-way conversation (not just top-down messaging)"


Anonymous said…

"We need someone who can deliver our top-down communication with such skill that we try to fool the peons into thinking that it's a two-way conversation."

mirmac1 said…
I expect this has come about because the buildings think nobody's home at JSCEE.
Garbage=Roses said…
I agree Cynic. I'm also noticing that Smarter Balanced consortium has provided superintendens with talking points and community letters...should Smarter Balanced go sideways.
seattle citizen said…
As long as they can find someone who can explain processes like this, we will all be lulled into faith in the great bureaucracy....
seattle citizen said…
Here's a hyperlink to that sort of>jargoneer we need to convince us of the merit of the district processes
Anonymous said…
I am decidedly old school. Be honest, respect others, and do your job.

Joe Wolf said…
Thank you for the heads-up.

I concur with westside, BTW.
Anonymous said…
How is there money for this when they were just talking cuts? Why do they get this when schools are bare bones? I think the people who are there ought to be skilled at communicating or they shouldn't have their jobs. Why should they get a specialist to do it for them?

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