App Day at Rainier Beach High School

From SPS Communications:

"Students attending high school or middle school throughout the Puget Sound region are invited to get a taste of computer science and basic programming at Puget Sound App Day 2014, set for Friday, May 23 at Rainier Beach High School.

Everyone is welcome to attend from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 23, regardless of prior computer science knowledge or experience, although registration is required. Since the event is being held on a school day, schools should follow their own district’s field-trip guidelines when registering their students.

Sponsored by Seattle Public Schools’ Career and Technical Education, App Day is a programming event where students learn to create apps and games on their own devices – Windows phones, Androids, iPads, laptops or whatever they have brought with them. Rainier Beach High School computer science instructors, University of Washington computer science students, and engineers from the UW and Microsoft will circulate to provide technical support for the participants’ efforts.

The event is designed to be both educational and fun, with pizza, a DJ, dance competitions and raffle giveaways included among the planned activities. The day ends with student demos, during which participants are invited to get up on stage and show off their new apps.

The inaugural 2013 App Day event drew more than 500 students from 17 area schools. While this year’s event has been expanded to accommodate more students, it is limited to the first 700 students who register. Registration deadline is May 19.

To sign up, visit"

There will be a raffle with prizes.  My only concern is this from the Puget Sound APP Day page:

Bring Your Own Device. Each participant should bring their own charged devices:  Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows Phones, etc…). Test if your device is compatible by browsing to

From SPS:

If students do not have devices, teachers should attempt to locate a device for them to borrow for that day.  If they can't, there will be a limited number of devices available for checkout that day.  Contact Michael Braun, to find out more.


Anonymous said…
Apt app book: "The App Generation"

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Anonymous said…
The event is about showing students that they can create their own apps, not just download them from the store.

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