Opting Out - Your Story

Ann Dornfeld at KUOW is looking for parents who are considering opting out of testing (or have previously opted out) - looking for insights.

206.221.7082 or adornfeld@kuow.org

She'd like to hear from folks by 3 p.m. if possible.


Also, to note, there is a new website, Opt Out of State Standardized Tests.  They want to provide information for parents in all states and are looking for volunteers to work on the page for their own state.  

As well, the ACLU is collecting letters where schools/districts may have violated the rights of parents/students.  (Some of these letters are pretty bad.  Clearly, some principals feel very threatened by this action. One letter I saw when the SPS route ( a la MAP and AL) and told those parents opting out that their students might not have access to advanced classes without test scores.)


Greg said…
Clearly opting out of testing impacts access to advanced learning. Selection for cognitive testing for Spectrum or APP is based on MAP scores. And access to Algebra in 6th grade for advanced learning is based on MAP and MSP scores. It's not just that parents are being threatened with losing access to advanced learning classes if they opt out of testing. It's the policy.
Greg, yes, it is here but for the parents in the letter, it was new.

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