Shelter in Place at Three Seattle Schools

From the West Seattle Blog:

"12:51 PM: We just checked out a report that Chief Sealth International High School students were asked to “shelter in place” – and here’s what Seattle Police spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson tells us:

There was a report of “somebody with a weapon at Roxhill Park area – someone on the walking path that ends at the bus stop on SW Barton, and 10 males in a group, allegedly somebody had a shotgun. The group was looking at the gun, not brandishing it or anything, somebody called it in,” and police responded. They reportedly have found who they were looking for. No shots were reported fired, no one hurt; police say Roxhill Elementary also was in “shelter in place” mode. It appears this incident is wrapping up but that’s all the information we have for now – we’ll be checking back later about possible arrest(s).

1:14 PM: Our crew circled back around to Sealth a few minutes ago and confirmed the “shelter in place” has been lifted. Same for Roxhill, and for Denny International Middle School, which also had briefly sheltered, according to Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Teresa Wippel, who said the three schools were under that status from 12:32 pm-12:59 pm, and she confirms police told SPS they had a suspect in custody.

3:07 PM: More information just in from police, via an SPD Blotter post – the person arrested was a 17-year-old with a sawed-off shotgun, and a badge, both of which were confiscated."

Editor's note; no mention of this at SPS' Facebook page or Twitter feed.  WS Blog reports knowing because their teen at Sealth texted them.  


mirmac1 said…
Obviously SPS did not learn from the Cafe Racer incident..... Apparently these tools are only for happy talk or board meetings. I have personally approached Banda, McEvoy and Rogers on this point shortly after that terrible day.
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