Seattle Schools Special Education Meeting

I did not attend but this is an open thread for any discussion for anyone who did attend. 


Anonymous said…
I am thinking about going tonight. Can someone who went last night tell me what it was like?

mirmac1 said…
Parents were very supportive of parents. The consultants were silent, only listening and facilitating. Most everyone kept to the three minutes (which was good because everyone who wanted to speak had an opportunity). That will be especially important tonight because I expect more people will have heard about it and will attend. So please be mindful of the time.

I thought the parents were able to use their personal experiences to great effect, to illustrate systemic problems with SpEd in our district.

I was particularly pleased that the district provided the language interpreters, as they should. Something tells me that wouldn't have happened if we didn't insist. *Sigh* As it stands, we had to prod and prod to get decent locations, dates, and arrangements.
mirmac1 said…
Dr. Alan Coulter of the TIERS Group at LSUHC has requested that parents of students receiving special education services please fill out their SPS Parent Survey.
Anonymous said…
I was excited to hear from many parents with similar issues as our familie, not that it's a good thing rather to hear that more SLD students parents are fighting back. The whole SPED dept is wrapped up with pervasive disabilities and have left SLD students with no services.

The SPED C-CAP should fail and everyone should be concerned with collusion between the city and the state in magically finding the district in compliance.

Folks this is a tear down and now that the state has lost it's NCLB waiver there is hope the state will take over the SSD SPED or the entire enchilada.

Maybe the state can find the missing millions?

mirmac1 said…
Seattle Special Education PTSA Meeting
Monday, 4/28/14
7pm, Rm 2700 JSCEE

Topic is Practical Ways to Support your student with Dyslexia or Dysgraphia. Presenter is Dr. Nicole Swedberg.

Swedberg is a dyslexia specialist in private practice, and former literacy specialist with Seattle Schools.

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