Friday Open Thread

Found this kind of fun looking gaming science/math site - might be worth bookmarking for those long summer days. 

A sobering look at school shootings.  Here's a list of every school shooting since Jan 2013. 

Did you hear?  A mom in Philadelphia, a mother of seven with four currently in school, was jailed for two days over her children's truancy fines.  She died in jail

On a lighter note, here's some photos of a 50-year reunion of  the 1964 1st grade class at Montlake.

Director community meetings tomorrow:
- Blanford - 10 am-noon at Douglass-Truth Library
- Martin-Morris - 11 am to 1 pm at Montlake Library
- Carr - 8:30 am - 10 am - Bethany Community Church

What's on your mind?


Samantha said…
The City Council is discussing Universal Pre-k, and there is talk about bringing in teachers with four year degrees and offering "alternative paths" to certification. Is Burgess talking about TfA? Very interesting discussions at minute 108 and beyond.

There is also discussion of private partnerships in relation to Universal Pre-K. KIPP and charter schools are involved with Pre K efforts.

Around minute 112, Burgess will bring discussion of union--behind closed doors.

Is the city bringing in charter schools via preK?

We need complete transparency.
Samantha said…
Councilmember Sawant feels unions weren't heard and that is the reason why Universal Pre-K is going to the ballot.

What is going on?
Anonymous said…
anyone with any info on AL from the C&L meeting this week?

-AL dad
I think there are some real oddities in the Universal pre-K package. I have a copy that I'm going to read and see what I glean from it.

AL Dad, yes, I will get that together. There does seem to be a lot going on but not exactly in a transparent fashion. No surprise there, though.
mirmac1 said…
I'm waiting on public records from both the City and SPS on the issue of universal pre-k...and changes going on with SpEd pre-k as we speak.

Guess which one gets kicked to the curb.
Anonymous said…
Miramac1, what are the changes to sped preschool? I haven't heard.

sped parent
Eric B said…
Do we need teachers that have gone through K-12 type certification for Pre-K classes? Or would anyone with a 4-year degree work?

While I recognize that Pre-K has some academic components, I think a reasonably people-friendly high school graduate would be a better teacher than many college graduates.
Anonymous said…
Thank you MW, just a lot going on and would love to get some sense of the tea leaves for AL

-AL dad
Samantha said…
The City Council will vote on Universal Pre-K on June 16th or 23rd.

It has become clear that charter schools are getting into the business of preschools.

If you have concerns, please consider contacting Councilmember offices for clarification before June 16th.
Anonymous said…
Know a student who is getting their first job this summer? Heads up - privacy alert:

...'This means you could become a suspect in a criminal case merely because you applied for a job that required you to submit a photo with your background check. (more)

Lynn said…
How many district employees receive performance evaluations from the board? The Superintendent's evaluation was scheduled for June 11th and now another evaluation of a public employee has been added to the board calendar on June 18th.
Lynn said…
The BAR for the Highly Capable Program State Grant Application is on the agenda for next week's board meeting - but the grant application is not attached.

When Shauna Heath makes it available, it should make for interesting reading. It'll detail any changes in identification and service delivery methods that will take effect in September. I've been wondering how high school students will be identified and where they'll be provided services.

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